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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Cosí fan tutte [Finely Tuned #5]

Finely Tuned is The MIT Post’s weekly album review column. It is an attempt to add a new dimension to the way Manipal looks at music. Every week, we will bring you a fresh album; carefully picked from a catalogue composed of both critically acclaimed mainstream releases and noteworthy independent ones.

This week, we discuss “Cosí fan tutte”, an Italian-language opera buffa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, first performed in January 1790.

AngelHack Manipal Hackathon

The Department of Information and Communication technology co-hosted a hackathon. Twenty-four hours of coding with experts to support and guide the participants followed, with the winners clinching enticing prizes.

Sharing is Caring: Rentified

“We want to be a one stop shop for renting”
Rentified is Manipal’s latest entrepreneurial ventures that taps into the prospects of the borrowing and sharing culture that persists within the campus and outside as well.

Why There Never Will Be Another God

It is true that there is no equivalent to Sachin Tendulkar in the current Indian team and it is reasonable to assume there never will be one. Let me explain, Sachin Tendulkar is not only the most beloved cricketer of our generation, maybe of all

Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

The Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit was held on the 16th of April this year at the Library Auditorium, spanning an entire day. The Summit can be credited for an impressive list of entrepreneurs from various fields, ranging from apparel manufacturing, to technical development and R&D ,

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