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Revels ’16: Anubhuti

Kurta-clad folk, jhola bags, and Premchand lookalikes aside, Revels’16 category Anubhuti offers myriad literary events – and all in Hindi! If you’ve always thought that English indeed is a funny language, then let Anubhuti tell you how they roll in the shayar.

Revels ’16: Xventure

Adventure enthusiasts, assemble! Here, you can try all kinds of daring tasks like wall-climbing, zip-lining, and Digital Signal Processing. Wait, the latter’s in EnC. Still fits.

Revels ’16: Footloose

Hand in hand, chest to chest or toe to toe – Footloose has something to float everyone’s boat. It’s where they come to let their hair down, shake a leg and more. From ‘Mujra’ on Gangnam Style to a routine on Hedwig’s theme, the dance category’s seen it all. Need we say more?

Revels ’16: Dramebaaz

Who are you? Who do you want to be? What’s your story? In the drama category of Revels, you can be who you want to be – whether it’s a loud-mouthed wife, a miming husband, or… scratch that. Batman, always be Batman.

Revels’16: Live Blog

And so we are at the last day of Revels. It’s been great so far. One day left and here we are covering it for you from every nook and corner of the fest. Stay tuned. Click here to catch up on the opening ceremony

Let there be (Micro)lite!

IE-E&C conducted a four day workshop in the field of robotics from 28th of February to 2nd of March in collaboration with Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Noida based training provider company specializing in research on robotics, embedded systems and quadcopter technologies. The fundamental idea

Shonen Fest: A treat for anime lovers

The Manga and Anime club recently organized its first ever independent event, the Shonen Fest. The fest,which offered a range of events including theme based competitions and movie screenings, was a hit amongst the anime lovers of MIT.

Long Live the Gamer: Interview with the MIT Gaming Club

For a long time now, the gaming diaspora of MIT has been grossly under-represented and limited to cramped hostel rooms. It is for this precise reason, that a handful of gaming enthusiasts felt the need to establish the MIT Gaming Club, a club that is exclusively dedicated to gamers and game developers. We recently caught up with the president of the club Anshuman Verma and club financier Siddharth Gupta to know more.