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Tesseract Deepali Vengala| Staff Writer Tesseract was a two-day Treasure Hunt experience aimed at unearthing the athletes of the mind. Day one was a mental workout, but day two pushed the participants to be street-smart and book-smart.  Over 70 teams and 500 students were tested, out


Winds of Crisis gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to test their abilities in a challenging environment where a split second decision could decide their fate.

TechTatva’22- Mechanize

Nutstackers  Krish Singh| Staff Writer  Nutstackers was a one-day event in Tech Tatva where the participants had to pile-up nuts and make a tower using chopsticks. To make things even more challenging, each person had access to only a single chopstick for their nut tower.


Integrathon Yashya Garg|Staff Writer Mathematics plays an integral part in an engineer’s life. Through Integrathon, a dual round calculus competition, the students’ deftness and approach towards problem solving was tested. The atmosphere, rife with competition, proved to be the perfect catalyst for an eventful and


Call Of Duty Mobile Sharad Mathur | Staff Writer In the Call of Duty Mobile tournament, players were placed in teams and competed against each other in various multiplayer modes, such as Team Deathmatch and Domination. The game is loved by mobile gamers in particular, due


Decontaminator  Daksh Loiya | Staff Writer Setting young minds to the task of solving real-world problems truly tests their ability to apply their knowledge. Decontaminator, an event under the Arcus category, put the competitors’ innovation to the test. In this event, participants were given materials to

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