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Opening up the Open Electives

Even semesters for 2nd and 3rd year students bring about a break from their regular academic program, in the form of open electives (OEs). These courses are different from the rest of their core curriculum, and bring about a healthy diversification of options. MIT provides a wide range of open electives to choose from. There have been various queries with regard to the allotment process, and we at The MIT Post have tried to answer most of them.

Straight from the office of the Associate Director of Academics:

Is it possible to switch from the allotted OE? If so, how do we do it?

No such provision is available. Students were given a vast pool of options to choose from. They have already been allotted their preferred choice. Any such requests are discouraged. This will cause a lot of problems to the system in place, as each staff can handle only about 60 students.

Can two individuals, by mutual consent swap OEs?

Again, for the already stated reasons, this is not allowed.

There have been complaints of cases where preferences were given by students, but they weren’t allotted any OEs.

There are only two possibilities for this to happen, either they have only submitted their preferences but haven’t saved it, or their CGPA isn’t sufficient for their preferred choices. Unless one saves their preferences, it won’t get registered. There hasn’t been any technical issues from our side, I assure you.

What should these students do now?

If they haven’t been allotted anything yet, they should report to us immediately. This is the case for only a handful of students. 1970 students have been allotted electives; where as the initial number was about 1800. About 550 students hadn’t even given their preferences initially. We had to personally email these students. Thankfully, most of them have responded immediately.

What should students who didn’t get any OEs allotted due to their CGPA not making the cut for their preferred options do?

They too must report immediately. They can choose from the OEs that their CGPA makes the cut for, provided that seats are vacant in that course.

There are students who were allotted OEs during the trial run, but are now complaining that they no longer have anything allotted to them.

It was a trial run, and not the final allocation. Their CGPA hasn’t made the cut-off for their choice of subject, and they too must follow a similar procedure.

Has the previous semester’s GPA been considered for the allocation of OEs?

Yes, it has been. Hence the delay in allocation.

What about students with make-ups? Will change in their CGPA bring about any change in their OE allocation, once their results are out?

No such change will be made. The make-up results come out only by January 18th. By then, we are already a week into the course. There is no potential for any change after that. There is the odd case of students missing all their endsem exams due to illness. For these students we can consider their earlier CGPA for OE allotment.

For 6th semester students, it has been informed that the courses provided by institutes outside MIT have classes at odd hours. Could you be more specific?

We haven’t got all the information, yet. Gandhian peace studies will most likely be conducted from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Digital medicine will probably be conducted on Saturdays. Other courses will follow a similar pattern, most probably. Indian ethics, and nutrition will be taught here itself, as per the normal timetable.

Any procedure students have to be aware of, if they haven’t been allotted any subject, yet?

They have to send in a hard copy of a new preference list, filling in all the required information, when they do so. I have got emails where students haven’t mentioned their registration number.

These cases are taken up individually. If their CGPA makes the cut, but seats are already filled up, then I can request the staff to increase the intake by one, or two. During the initial run, a maximum of sixty students were allotted to one subject, so the number can be increased up to sixty-five, for accommodating students who make the cut later on.

You can view the open elective allotted to you, here (under Pre-registrations > Closed)–

If you have any more queries, drop us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can contact us through our Facebook page-