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One-Stop Pit-Shop—SAE Manipal’s Garage Hunt

Over the years, SAE Manipal has made its mark with their trademark technical events. The team constantly aims to bring in a fresh new outlook to the club. SAE has already made steady headway with its first non-technical eventGarage Hunt.

The first round, held on the 10th of August had the contestants engage in a treasure-hunt mission. Clues were dispersed all over the campus, each leading to the next and had the contestants frolicking for hours. The riddles were witty and focussed on the locations on campus rather than automobiles, making the hunt more jovial.
Out of the seven teams, each consisting of two participants, five teams proceeded to the second round conducted the following day.

On 11th, the second and final round of Garage Hunt ensued. Following the pattern of a treasure hunt from the previous round, the participants had to solve riddles to find the locations and further decipher and identify prototypes of automobile parts located in the said location. On returning, the teams received the elements they correctly identified and embarked on a mission to assemble a car using these parts made out of cardboard. Aiding materials such as sticks and glues were provided, along with constant guidance from the organizers.

“Although exhausting, the contest was really fun-filled. The riddles were smart and got me racking my brain. I’d take part in more such events!”, said Yash Maheshwari, a 2nd-year student, on being asked about his experience.

Shivam Aggarwal, President of SAE, and Nitesh Kedia, the General Secretary of the club emphasized on building a stronger member base by conducting more such events. While talking about future endeavours, they also mentioned how low resources make the technical events repetitive and yield lesser turnout. The organizers conveyed their satisfaction with the result despite the risk taken with this competition, and hope to have many more exciting events.

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