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Celebrating a Homecoming—Onam 2019

The Onam Committee of MIT organised a traditional Onam celebration at the AB1 Quadrangle on 21st September 2019. This harvest festival that commemorates King Mahabali is celebrated with a lot of fervour in Kerela, and the Onam Committee made sure that the students did not miss out on the festivities.

The event attracted a large crowd with the men dressed in traditional dhotis and women in their white and gold sarees. The celebrations kicked off with the march of Maveli (the Asura king) along with professionals playing the chenda melam (a percussion instrument). After the procession, the President and Vice President of the Onam Working Committee inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. The crowd cheered on as the beautiful Onam dance, Thiruvathira, was performed.

The members of the crowd felt right at home as the chants of “Iro, Iro, Iro” (a chant during Vallam-Kalli) echoed throughout the Quadrangle. The program continued with students singing traditional songs, performing group dances, and enthusiastically taking part in karaoke. The audience also witnessed a terrific dance performed by the Onam Committee.

As the cultural events came to an end, the crowd was re-energised with delicious payasam. The students also put in all their might to emerge victorious in the popular game of Vadomvalli (Tug of War) which is considered to be an essential part of the Onam festivities. The third years stole the show by beating both their juniors and seniors at Vadomvalli.

“Onam week is always special for everyone. Every year with the limited support we get, we try to portray the celebration that makes us Malayalees feel at home”, said Naveen Johnson, President of Onam Committee, MIT. The energy of the crowd was not exhausted until the end, as they continued to dance in jubilation and enjoyed the event in its entirety. The electric environment of the Quadrangle gave everyone a night to remember and closed another chapter in MIT’s diverse display of culture.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal