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On a musical mission: MAFIA’S Music Meet


Calling out all the musicians and musical aficionados of MIT, The Music and Fine Arts club (MAFIA) conducted a music meet on the 24th of January. At the beginning of the event, the participants were asked to fill out forms while the senior club members put up agendas for the evening. The musicians in attendance were explained the crux of each agenda by various members of the club.

The main focus was on the formation of an out-station cultural contingent, which would represent the college at out-station college fests, as done by the technical and sports contingents of MIT. The selection of the contingent will be a yearly affair. The contingent will be on a mission to build the college’s reputation in the cultural arena, which lacks on several levels.

A particular piece of news was greeted with the loudest cheer. MIT is going to have its very own jam room to cultivate the talent of the musicians residing within it. Expected to be operational by the 1st of February, it will have a standard drum kit along with some other basic musical equipment.

The meet also saw the introduction of MIT’s first ever choir, ‘Etude.’ The group currently aims at recruiting singers and backing musicians to prepare themselves for future performances.

What is a musician’s meet without the stage being put to use? The event came to a conclusion with several lively performances, both vocal and instrumental.

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