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Not For The Fainthearted- Vertigo

RED-X provided a welcome adrenaline rush to break the monotony of college with Vertigo, their flagship event of the semester. The thrill-seekers did not have to go far either, with all the activities being set up right on the campus.

With the colourful inflated zorbs in the swimming pool, Water Zorbing was a major attraction on the hot Sunday afternoon. The organisers had had a hard time getting permission to use the pool but the turnout the event attracted made it worthwhile. The participants crawled around rather comically in the orbs, giving the impression of a hamster in a ball. Despite receiving help from the organisers, none of them managed to complete the required two laps of the pool.

The more daring of the lot headed over to AB5 and the Innovation Centre for the Ziplining and Wall Rappelling setups. Both of these induced some anxiety among those waiting in line, as the activities involved shooting across AB5 on a cable and descending down the wall of the Innovation Centre.

Being the most affordable of the events, Archery drew in quite a large crowd. The participants were taught the correct posture and technique, but hitting the target was easier said than done. It was only after a few failed attempts that most of them were able to hit the target and score points.

The Two Line Traverse was one of the more daunting activities, requiring the participants to walk a tightrope across AB1 using an overhead support rope to maintain their balance. “I was scared at first, but now I feel high on adrenaline. It was a great refreshment before the end semester exams kick in,” said participant Dibyajyoti Dash, shivering from the excitement. Despite the eagerness with which the participants waited for their turn, the signing of the declaration form scared some of them. However, the organisers assured them that all the activities were perfectly safe and were set up by professionals. “Adventure is overcoming your fear, the exhilaration, and the sense of achievement that follows,” said Neha Gupta of RED-X.

While the thrill-seekers lined up for Vertigo and got their money’s worth in terms of adventure, they could also find satisfaction in the fact that the money they spent was going to a good cause. RED-X intends to donate the proceeds from the event to government schools in Saralabettu and Sagrinole, where its members are active volunteers.

Image Courtesy: The Photography Club

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