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Not So Elementary : Sci-Tech-Biz Quiz


“Ipsa scientia potestas est” (Knowledge is power)

-Francis Bacon

The Literary, Debate, and Quiz club (LDQ) of Manipal Institute of Technology championed the above quote very effectively, as the club, in association with the Indian Society of Technical Education, Manipal (ISTE), conducted a Sci-Tech-Biz Quiz, questioning participants on the intricacies of science, technology, and business realms on the 17th of January, 2017.

Curious minds from all over Manipal flocked to NLH 203 in teams of three to attend this particular quiz and try their hand at winning. What surprised the organisers and participants alike was the presence of a top-notch team from National Institute of Technology, Suratkal (NITK). Outstation participation had a positive effect indeed on LDQ and ISTE, as these students delivered their best on Manipal turf.

A slight delay was encountered while handling certain unavoidable technicalities. The quizzers registered their team by paying a certain amount of money (albeit quite reluctantly), and the quizmasters Ninaad Rajeev and Sharan Sheshadri started with the preliminary round. After sitting through fifteen questions to qualify to the finals, six teams were chosen out of twenty-five.

Immense competition ensued. From the nomenclature of Armacolite to the latest gadget that Snapchat has produced, a varied collection of interesting facts were masqueraded in the form of questions and each team put all their efforts in besting others, the lure of prize money naturally aiding the level of competition.

Quizzes in college follow the policy of logic over general aptitude, and no longer emulate the pattern of questions as seen on Television. This facilitates greater interest in the craft and has enhanced its much-needed popularity amongst students. As a direct consequence to this exact notion, the questions asked were descriptive and extremely well-crafted, and the entire quiz witnessed no dull faces.

The event had a very good turnout. A lot of effort went behind this quiz by Sharan and I. Naturally, it felt great to be rewarded by the level of competition we all saw today. We at LDQ have always maintained a level of intellect which I sincerely hope was shown in today’s quiz.”, said a beaming Rajeev. The quizmaster encapsulated the basic ideology behind the culture of quizzing at Manipal. It is a quickly-developing culture, with more quizzers in every fresher’s batch – a constantly changing and hence refreshing sight for the Institute, with each newcomer bringing in something different to the fray.

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