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No Tricks, Only Treats—Skeletunes by Chords & Co.


The pandemic may have halted various aspects of our lives, but Chords & Co. let individuals’ creativity shine, whether it be on the stage or through the screen of the smartphone. To commemorate the spooky month of October, Chords & Co. conducted a week-long competition called Skeletunes. The competition featured two categories—art and music.


[Image Credits: Chords & Co. Instagram]

Album submissions were based on a variety of genres and languages, from the iconic pop anthem—Havana by Camila Cabello to Korean indie’s top hit 24 by Hyukoh. The artists were able to visualise and transform famous concept visuals to its more haunting counterparts. The illustrations team at MIT Post judged the art contest. From the various art styles submitted, judges chose the winning concept art based on aesthetics, originality and relevance to the inspired artwork. “Since a lot of the artworks were design-related pieces that had all put their own creative spin on the album cover, it was hard choosing the winner“, mentioned the judges.

The art contest was pretty unique, not only because it was Halloween themed, but it was to be based on existing album art. The most awesome thing for me was that I started to appreciate the original cover artists even more. Their ability to represent an art so abstract and diverse as music in visual form blows my mind,” said Aaditya Nair, one of the participants at the art contest.


[Image Credits: Chords & Co.]

The song covers, judged by Sidharth Bendi, consisted of unearthly a capella and vocals, featuring instrumentals such as acoustic and piano. Judging was heavily focused on musical abilities portrayed by the performers, whether it be through their instruments or vocals. Among the covers, the top ones were selected based on how well the submission captured the essence of Halloween through their song, visual and tone.

For me, the event was pretty well organised and smooth. I got the opportunity to get judged by Sidharth Bendi, which is really cool. And also I liked the fact that the results came out soon. It was a great opportunity,” said Abhi, a participant at the Music Competition.

This contest was held to represent Halloween themes, which are quite underrated when it comes to college involvement with the performing and visual arts, while also providing a sense of normality for students during these trying times. Virtual barriers didn’t stop the event from becoming a success, as multiple submissions were received along with an unprecedented amount of online buzz. The winners received wonderful prizes from the companies (Pixign and The Peu Store) partnering with Chords & Co.

[Featured Image Credits: Chords & Co.]

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