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The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors—Grooveyard 2.0

Chords and Co. organised Grooveyard 2.0 to celebrate Halloween on 31st October in the KMC Interact Hall. A spooky atmosphere was created by the decor team who designed the venue with props reminiscent of horror movies and put up photography booths as well as a face painting stall. The appeal of musical performances, costume contests, slam poetry, and collaborations with other clubs ensured that tickets for Grooveyard were sold out well before the commencement of the event.

The musical event started with Battle of the Bands where three in-house bands of Manipal—The Last Minute, Strafish, and The Silhouettes captivated the audience with breathtaking performances. Following this, there was an exceptional performance by the band Half-Light, who were a special addition to the event.

The battle of the bands was by far, the most enjoyable event with homegrown bands coming in from MIT. Blues, rock, metal, and a tinge of all genres from the performances gave this spooky Halloween party the perfect musical vibe it was expected to deliver,” said Siddhant Sharma, the newly-elected Joint Cultural Secretary of MIT and a member of The Silhouettes. Vedaa Naik, Anandita Pandey, and Swapnil Kumar, who were shortlisted for Solo Acts, enchanted the crowd with their choruses.

Grooveyard had also collaborated with LDQ to host a slam poetry event. The poems recited were innovative and had multiple references to sinister themes. One of the most anticipated parts of the night was the performance by The Showstoppers Crew. Their incredibly well-choreographed sequences and hauntingly good moves made sure Grooveyard lived up to the Halloween spirit. The dance moves had the crew imitating zombies and the infamous Exorcist pose, and drew many shouts of approval from the onlooking audience. “We practised a lot for this, and we’re glad all the hard work we put in after class was rewarded well. We enjoyed performing tonight!” said Anushka, a performing member of the Showstoppers crew.

The Best Costume Contest featured a competition between students dressed up as The Joker, Ghostface, Aang from Avatar—The Last Airbender and other popular characters. The crowd seemed to be thoroughly impressed by the efforts that some students had put into their intricate makeup and costumes. Burning Ice also enthralled the crowd with a scintillating performance as they walked down the ramp in their phantasmal outfits and garnered a lot of applause.

As the performances wrapped up, the night ended with a DJ act. The spine-tingling costumes, great music, and enthralling performances helped brew a delightful evening for anyone who attended the event, making Grooveyard a resounding success.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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