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A New Path to Excellence: Coursera

In recent times, there has been a lot of demand for personnel who are well-versed in computer engineering and its sister disciplines. Companies are looking for people who have something special to offer besides their basic knowledge. Within the college itself, there has been a lot of demand for new and better courses besides the core subjects. As a solution, MIT has been able to procure courses for all departments via the online course venture: Coursera.

These courses can be taken as minor specializations in the 6th semester and are offered by some of the most reputed universities in the world. Anyone interested in joining such a course is required to pay a small fee to register. They will be allotted a faculty mentor(s) for each subject who will guide them throughout the semester. The duration of these electives is adjusted according to the Academic Calendar so that it doesn’t clash with any important events.

The Institute has availed a short trial period of one and a half months from the respective universities so that student may get a feel of what these courses might be like. It must be noted that opting for only a select few units from a specialization will entitle the student to a certificate from MIT and Coursera but not from the university which is offering it. Thus, it is recommended that the student take these specializations as a whole unit to avail its complete benefits. These online courses are designed to be integrated with the End-Semester exam of MIT which means that the question paper for the final exam of these electives will be set by the Institute.

The Director stated that these online courses were an experiment. A student taking these courses can essentially study from his bed and at his own convenience. While one might find these courses rather attractive owing to the University providing the certificate, it is the student’s responsibility to be consistent in it so one must choose wisely when it comes to these electives.