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The New DT in town

While most of MIT spent their three-day weekend in the sublime warmth of their blankets (which seems appealing given the current climate) or sought solace in the sylvan carpets of Agumbe and Kudremukh, MIT’s Literary, Debating, and Quizzing Club hosted Manipal University’s first national debate tournament.


The Manipal Institute of Technology’s Debate Tournament (MIT DT) was held from the 13th of August to the 15th. Over a period of three days, the NLH building was abuzz with motions and arguments. Thirty two teams of two, with twenty four adjudicators, took part in the debate. While MIT wasn’t allowed a debate team, a few adjudicators from MIT threw their hat into the competition. The debate was organized along the lines of the British Parliamentary format and was conducted by an elite core adjudication panel comprising Souradip Sen, Varshini Venkatesh, Chan Sriram, and Tushar Kanakagiri. With the four core adjudicators bearing an elite reputation throughout the country’s debating circuit, MIT DT attracted teams from colleges all over the country and promised to live up to the expectations.


The participants were accommodated in the international hostels. Four rounds of intense debating were soon followed by the semi-finals and finals, the latter being hosted in the AC Seminar Hall. The first day involved an adjudication test and one round of debates, while another three rounds of debating were completed on Sunday. The semi-finals and finals were conducted on Monday. Motions ranging from ‘This House will support the Goods and Services Tax’ to ‘This House regrets the glorification of sacrifice as a defining characteristic of parenthood’ were debated on, some rather convincingly. With the perpetual efforts of the organizing committee of MIT DT, the tournament progressed smoothly, devoid of any major setbacks.

“For the first time, the organisers have done a brilliant job. From making schedules, to ensuring a comfortable stay for the participants and the adjudicators, there was no stone left unturned. I think we fell short by a few adjudicators this time, but then again, the mistake, which I am pretty sure won’t be a problem next year, seems insignificant in light of this tournament”, said Souradip Sen, one of the core adjudicators for the tournament. The lack of adjudicators may have caused a slight hiccup in the beginning, which cascaded into a few delays, but the organisers were quick to remedy the dilemma. Nevertheless, MIT DT’16 was another feather in the cap of LnD as well as that of MIT.


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