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Nawaazish’18- Pentagram ft. Vishal Dadlani and DJ Gurbax

Pentagram ft. Vishal Dadlani, along with DJ Gurbax staged an evening of entertainment, directed to all MAHE students on the 24th of March. Eager to attend the concert, students arrived at MJC Grounds at 5:30 PM. “My friends and I came to the event at 5:30 and we ended up waiting for almost three hours. It was pretty frustrating to wait that long”, says Giridhar, a student of MIT. By 7:00 PM, the audience was received at the entrance of the stage, with hoots and whistles of mockery and jest. Visibly aggravated by the absence of the promised performers, the crowd seemed to be losing patience.

Picture Courtesy: MTTN

DJ Gurbax opened the event sparking energy through the crowd with his enthusiasm. Thrilled to see someone on stage, audience immediately responded to his beats. While most of the crowd seemed satisfied with his tracks, not all appreciated it. “The music wasn’t as expected and there wasn’t anything new. The drops and beats were repetitive and it was something we had all heard before”, said Saumya, student of MAHE. Inspite of the conflicting thoughts about the performance, the audience was jumping to the beats and dancing to the rhythm of the songs. Many had mixed opinions about the performance. The majority of the attendees assented that it was satisfactory. Admirably, Gurbax didn’t seem to lower his spirits or break his flow, despite the technical difficulties and a failing sound system thrown his way.

Following Gurbax, Pentagram joined by celebrity singer Vishal Dadlani were the highlight of the concert. Within minutes of them on stage, a larger crowd gathered with zeal. Pentagram and Dadlani made up for the wait and got the crowd jumping to their take on the rock genre. One of the better performers we have seen in Manipal, Dadlani knew precisely how to win the hearts of those in the crowd. He frequently engaged the crowd during the concert, keeping them energized throughout.

Picture Courtesy: MTTN

Interestingly, Dadlani was heard alluding to Rahul Gandhi during his performance. His references succeeded in capturing the attention, and even approval of the audience. A few minutes into the performance, silhouettes of waving hands accentuated by the colored lights painted a perfect picture of a concert. Dadlani’s charisma and talent on stage was more than enough to charm the audience. Paired with his voice, Pentagram’s music was unequivocally able to elicit a spirited response from the crowd.

As a whole, the show satisfied most of the students’ post-exam fever as they claimed the event to be satisfactory, given that it was for free. Enjoying the food sold at the venue, people gravitated towards the stalls and had a satisfying meal that wrapped up the evening as any event would in Manipal.