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MUN 101


Leaders of Tomorrow held its first event of the semester, an MUN training session on the 9th of September. The training session was conducted by members of the Working Committee of the club, all of whom are veterans in the field of MUNing.


Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

The training session which aimed at introducing first timers (of which there were many) to the art of political debate, started off with the basics, covering questions that varied from “What is an MUN?” to “What are the different phases of an MUN?”

The working committee spared no detail, going through rules of procedure, what to wear, and language to be used in an MUN. What could have been tedious, was made interesting due the informal and interactive nature of the session. Students were encouraged to ask questions after every segment, and the eager crowd didn’t disappoint.

The organizers of the event also went through the types of committees one can choose from, how to start research as well as how to gain attention of the Executive Board, as well as other delegates. This part of the event was perhaps the most relevant, wherein students were told how to not only attend an MUN, but how to excel in one.  To quote the board “Hook. Phrase. Point.”  The three word ideology that they reiterated throughout the session, could quite possibly be the brownie point takeaway from the training.


Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

The highlight of the event was the simulation of an MUN which the students underwent. The crowded room was split into two groups and each group given a generic agenda to debate on. While the simulation itself only lasted for 40 minutes, with the help of working committee members embedded in the groups, it accomplished its aim of familiarizing students with the various rules of procedure.


Image Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

The event, which was a success by all measures, sets a high standard for Leaders of Tomorrow’s future events in the coming academic year.


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