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Moon Above, Sun Below

Afridi Majeed | Staff Writer

Clock strikes twelve and moon-drops burst, out at you from their hiding place. Like acid and oil on a madman’s face, his reasons tend to fly away.

These lyrics from Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Astronomy’ set the theme for The Astronomy Club’s event, ‘The Science of Interstellar’, on the 22nd of October. As the name suggests, the event unraveled the secrets hidden in the movie ‘Interstellar’ and the organisers went on on to speak at length about the scientific brilliance of the movie.

The event played host to fifteen students, which seemed to disappoint the organisers a little. The organisation seemed right on point as the event started without any delays, and the speaker, Rohan Gupta, began his speech by justifying the choice of the movie. Interstellar was chosen mainly because of its strict adherence to scientific laws and sheer complexity. The speaker acquainted his audience with some pre-requisite facts before delving into the intricacies of the movie.


PC: The Photography Club, Manipal

What ensued was an extremely fascinating lecture on a few fallacies in the movie and its beautiful depiction of scientific concepts. From talking about Hyperspace to distortion of wormholes, the lecturer left no stone unturned as he explained every aspect of the plot of the movie. It was evident from the dreamy looks on the participants’ faces that Interstellar had become more of a textbook rather than a movie. As the lecturer delved further into the deeper concepts, the participants seemed to lose interest gradually as the lecture became exceedingly complex. As a result, few participants left the room midway through the lecture.


PC: The Photography Club, Manipal

The event was organised well, but the organisers needed to focus on simplifying the concepts which they were trying to explain. The lecturer, Rohan Gupta, had researched his concepts thoroughly, but there were instances where he failed to translate the scientific terms into Layman’s terms. On the other hand, the participants who had their grey matter buzzing throughout the lecture learned something invaluable and unique, which is why The Science of Interstellar is another feather in the Astronomy Club’s cap