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A Modern Day Tragedy—Media Pe Vaar by Aaina Dramatics

Aao aao, natak dekho“, the familiar chant of Aaina Dramatics, brought passers-by to a halt in front of FC-1. The club presented their latest street play event of the semester, ‘Media Pe Vaar’ on the 23rd of September.

The play began with the recognisable chanting of ‘Narayana, Narayan‘, uttered by the popular mythical character Narad Muni. Along with him, other characters of the fabled epic, the Mahabharata, were a part of the play as well. The play attempted to elucidate the similarities between the epic and modern media. In their analogy, Narad Muni is akin to a media person and the events of the epic, the spread. It then moved on to the modern-day, where a student calls on Narad Muni for help. He asks him for help with his ‘case study’, in which he was to understand the state of present-day journalism.

The plights of human trafficking and prostitution were shown, with the story of a Bengali mother losing her daughter alluding to the conditions of Sonagachi district of Kolkata. Similarly, the tragic predicament of the Indian farmer was depicted with a moving scene showing a farmer committing suicide by hanging. Through songs, they brought to light how flippantly the media ignores pressing issues in pursuit of higher ratings.

Kon hai madaari? Kon hai jamoora?” These lines questioned the audience, showing them how the media is controlling its viewers, presenting news in a non-transparent matter and deceiving the public. They emphasised the importance of fair and unbiased journalism. The play elicited loud cheers and applause from the people present for their passionate portrayal of an important issue.

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