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MIT’s Fight Against Substance Abuse—the Inauguration of the Nasha Mukt Club

While we all faithfully fill in the official anti-substance abuse forms, intentions sometimes get blurred along the lines of bureaucracy. On 28th March 2022, MIT successfully inaugurated the Nasha Mukt Club in the MV Seminar Hall. The audience included student council members, members from the Student Affairs department, members of the Nasha Mukt Club and students. The program opened with a welcome address by the Assistant Director of Student Welfare, Dr Priyanka Desai Kakade, followed by a floral tribute and lamp lighting ceremony.

Director of Student Affairs MAHE, Dr Geetha Maiya presents the achievements of the Nasha Mukt Udupi Abhiyan

Dr Somashekhara Bhat, Joint Director, MIT, made his opening remarks on the four T’s- Track, Treat, Talk and Transform that can help change the outlook on substance abuse, followed by an introduction of the first chief guest, Assistant Director, Student Welfare, Dr Poornima P Kundapur. Dr Geetha Maiya, Director of Student Affairs, MAHE and the chief guest, beautifully explained the importance of connecting with students and how identifying base problems like peer pressure or academic pressure could lead to better awareness plans. The program entailed a presentation on how the Nasha Mukt Udupi Abhiyan had spread awareness in urban and rural areas through campaigns, training of MAHE faculties, workshops for students, peer support programs and its goals of reaching sixteen more villages in the next four months.

Dr Geetha Maiya urged the students to take the following oath—“I, being a member of the Nasha Mukt Club at MAHE, hereby pledge to make our MAHE Campus Nasha Mukt by staying away from illicit substances and involving myself wholeheartedly in all efforts undertaken by MAHE towards this noble cause, Jai Hind.”

Chief Guests, Organisers and students taking the oath.

Naveen Venkatesh, the President of the Nasha Mukt Club of MIT, spoke about his aspirations, as a student to make India drug-free and protect young minds from substance abuse. Soon after, Cdr. Dr Anil Rana, Director of MIT, graced everyone with his analogy on the three phases of curbing substance abuse—‘First phase—connection and communication with students. Second phase—finding an aware and responsible circle. Third phase—proper rehabilitation with support and love.” He also mentioned how fellow students could spread awareness through art forms like Nukkad Naatak.

Director of MIT, Cdr.Dr. Anil Rana delivering his address

Dr Nagaraja Katagi, Associate Director of Student Welfare-MIT, concluded the event by thanking all the chief guests, all members of the Nasha Mukt Club, the support staff of MIT, and the coordinators of the whole event— the Joint General Secretaries of the Student Council, Paridhi Gupta and Siddhant Singh.

Image credits: PCB Manipal

Featured Image credits: Saranya Roy

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