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MITFL Press Conference-2

Arunabh Sengupta I Staff Writer

As we all know, the MITFL is right around the corner and on the 19th of January was the second press conference hosted by the league. The day’s event was hosted at two places, at the Director’s office where the six team captains and the advisory board were introduced to the Director, Dr. G.K. Prabhu , and the latter part was hosted at the MIT Library auditorium where all the drafted players where unveiled.

The Director’s Office:

At about 5.30 pm a casual sit-down was arranged at the Director’s office where he got to meet all the team captains and the advisory board of the MITFL. Shubh Patodi, the Founder and Chairman of the MITFL, then went on to talk about the league’s goals and objectives. One of the league’s primary objectives is to promote fitness and Shubh stated that “If you have the fitness then the technique can be developed.” The players will be able to play for longer durations of time and will hence build the stamina to face off against teams from other colleges. After this, there was a brief Q&A session with Dr. G.K. Prabhu. The following are excerpts:


Q: What are your thoughts on this initiative?

A: I am very happy about this initiative. It excites me to have this league in MIT. I believe that all students must be engaged actively in academic activities and other spheres of life and this league will provide an all new experience to the students.


Q: How does MIT plan to support the league?

A: The first step towards supporting the league was its approval. We will of course provide moral support to the MITFL. We will make this a signature event of MIT and provide the needed infrastructure to support this yearly event. Feedback from the student community is most welcome. Sports was never part of my syllabus but I am a lover of sports and I will come to cheer on at the games.


Q: How did the league win your approval?

A: When I first heard about the league, I jumped at the idea. I have seen students playing a game of football wherever they can find an empty stretch of land. This passion needs to be rewarded and I understand that the MIT A and B teams aren’t enough to do justice to the football talent in Manipal. When I joined MIT in 1989, the intake was 450 students and even then we only had the MIT A and B teams, and now every year we take in more than 2000 students and still we only have two football teams. The dynamics have changed and the MITFL will serve to solve this issue.


Q: What do you expect the MITFL to achieve?

A: In about 5 years, I want football to become the signature sport of MIT. I want students to factor in this aspect of MIT when they apply for admission to this institution. The league will be an incentive to meritorious students who also have a passion for football. It is an aspiration of mine that an alumnus of this college becomes India’s next Nobel Laureate but now I also wish that India’s next football star comes out of MIT and credits the league for his success.


MIT Library Auditorium:

The action then shifted from the Director’s office to the MIT Library Auditorium. Shubh gave a brief narration about how he got the league started and added that all the necessary steps have been taken to make the MITFL a semi-professional league. He acknowledged the guidance and support provided by Dr. Kempraj, the Director of Physical Education, and Dr. Gurumurthy, the Sports Advisor of MIT.

Shubh then went on to explain the details of the league. Each team will have seven students from the first year, six from the second year, five from the third year and three from the final year and a minimum of two players from each year have to be on the field at all times. The training drills will be held on Saturdays and will be managed by the team’s Assistant Manager. The fittest players from the drills are drafted for Sunday’s match. Surprise medical tests will also be conducted to ensure that players maintain proper discipline off the field. The Sports Council will send a fitness regime for the players to follow throughout the week.

The advisory board will consist of the following members:

Shubh Patodi, Founder and Chairman

Sahil Jain, Vice Chairman

Ganga Singhal, Ombudsman

Enakshi Rajvanshi, Joint Sports Secretary (Female)

Darshan Nandekar, Joint Sports Secretary (Male)

The team logos

The team logos

The teams will be as follows:


Gourav Bhosle- Captain

Arnav Mohapatra

Shubham Kumar

Shantanik A.N.

Vikran Bhakri

Mayank Mittal

Rahil Patel

Sandan Borgohain

Deepen M Solanki

Yogesh Nishant

Nasik A

Amartya Gupta

Samarth Vaid

Ruben Verghese Kurian

Anurag Choudhary

Vipul Venugopal

Aditya Sinha

Aayush Khanna

Cairen Miranda

Prajwal S Kumar


Elite Players:

Maitreya Patel

Amandeep Singh Kalsi

Emmanuel Chimdike Emmanuel

Ankur Kumar Choudhary

Aniruddh Mahashabde



Apoorv Joshi-Captain

Vishesh D Mulgund

Amardeep Malik

Shubh Patodi

Shaukatali Zahir Hussein

Mitesh Singh

Tanishq Singh

Paul Pynadath

Shreyas Srivasthsa

Shrey Srivastava

Brian Dsouza

Vipul Johri

Rishabh Shetty (Roy)

Harshil Thakker

Rishiraj Mahanta

Nirav Dhruvakanth Shenoy

Tanishq Pandey

Ananye Pandey

Divye Marwa


Elite Players:

Shubhanker Singh

Jayanth Chava

Arnav Pradhan

Veer Samani

Rajath Vidyadhar Hiremath



Pranjal Jha- Captain

Atif Ahmad

Vishal J Shenoy

Kaushal Sinha

Rohan Desai

Mohammed Hisham

Travis Tauro

Ankit Prasun

Atuk Singh

S V Pranav

Aditya K P Patil

Chinmai Kaustuv

Mohamed Hamdi Rauf V

Sethu Raj R

Sai Preetham Dasari

Vinyak Mamodia

Hitesh Upadhyay

Rajdeep Dasgupta

Lyon Mathias

Kiran Goveas


Elite Players:

Nihal Bordolo

Rahul Krishnan

Satyamedhas Pande

Aiman Shariff

Vikrant Mukherjee



Naseef Ahamed- Captain

Akul Jagga

Lohit Kumar Reddy

Shashwat Gupta

Devansh Ojha

Prashanth Kolli

Reuben Abraham

Shivansh Puri

Nabil Siddique

Dhruv Purswani

Aditya S.V.

Achyut Praash

Nehal Suryavanshi

Aritra Roy

Prithvi Justa

Deep Haria

Harsha S.


Prayag Shabaridas

Aniruddha Paul


Elite Players:

Anurag Munian

Roneel Das

Nikhil Agarwal

Syed Hashir

Harshvardhan Chaturvedi



Dylan Dcunha- Captain

Jayesh Shetty

Shelmon Clyde Lewis

Vaibhav Sharma

Bishwarup Ganguly

Sayan Nanda

Chirag Bhati

Utkarsh Bindal

Tushya Gautam

K.S. Vishwanath

Rohan Purushotama

Alok Yathiraj

Shrinidhi Bhat

Soumik Banerjee

Dayanand S.

Akash Basu

Sanket Nair

Yogesh Choudhary

Varun Kale

Akshay Nair


Elite Players:

Souryadeep Sen

Arnav Jain

Param Malhotra

Hiranshu Hirak

Saatvik Sharma



Souradeep Banerjee- Captain

Hitesh Pratyush V.

Madhav Chauhan

Sarthak Gupta

Naman Mehta

Ankith S. Shetty

Vishesh Sharma

Siddhant Singh

Parth Kutak

Rishav Dutta Choudhury

CK Yashwanth

Pulkit Maheshwari

Aaroh Soni

Tanmay Mogre

Brandon Lobo

Adit Murugesh

Brindan Dsouza

Pradeep J Nayak

Rudrashish Bandyopadhyay

Nishant Parepalli


Elite Players:

Ninad Vats

Dhruv Suri

Aditya Jalal

Wasim Abbas

Anurag Arora


After the unveiling of the players, the six team captains assembled on stage to sign the code of conduct whereby they pledged to play in the true spirit of football. They then gave their opinions on how they would like their team to function along with their views on the league. The following are excerpts:

Gourav Bhosle, Captain of the Alpha Knights: I would like my players to play an attacking game. We will be using an unorthodox formation while playing, but the main thing about the Alpha Knights is to have fun and play some exciting football. If a player shows dedication and skill then I’ll make sure that he gets into the MIT team.

Apoorv Joshi, Captain of the Omega Vikings: I will base the game played by my team on my team members. They need to have a good knowledge of the game and excel at ball control and passing. Discipline both on and off the field are important too.

Naseef Ahamed, Captain of the Gamma Gladiators: I believe simplicity is essential to play a game of football. I wish everyone all the best and I want the players to have fun and enjoy their game.

Dylan Dcunha, Captain of the Psi Vipers: I want to incorporate a very possession based game, much like Barcelona’s famed tiki-taka style of play, into my team. Passing will be a very important aspect of our game.

Souradeep Mukherjee, Captain of the Delta Warriors: We want to play a very possession oriented, high pressure, wing based style of a game. I also want the players to have fun while playing.

Pranjal Jha, Captain of the Zeta Bolts: Being a Centre Back, I would like my team to play a very defensive game. I am a firm believer of the saying, “Attack wins you matches but defense wins you titles.” Further I hope that everyone enjoys this league.


The vote of thanks was given by Sahil Jain, the Vice Chairman of the MITFL, where he expressed gratitude to the Director along with all the faculty who made this venture possible, and Shubh Patodi for his “vision and exemplary hardwork” along with all the players who will be an “integral part of the league.” With that, the day’s proceedings were brought to an end.

We wish to see this league flourish and grow throughout the years and for the students of MIT to experience the magic of football. This is going to be one of the most exciting semesters in the history of MIT and you should be there to witness it in all its glory.

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