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MITFL: The Final Chapter

On the 24th of April 2016, it was the curtain call for the inaugural edition of the MIT Football League. The brainchild of
Shubh Patodi, MIT’s very own semi-professional league was a huge success and exceeded expectations by quite a margin. Alpha Knights clinched the title with 24 points, while Delta Warriors and Psi Vipers finished second and third respectively. The closing ceremony took place at the MIT football ground, with the Director, Head of Department of Physical Education, and representatives of all the sponsors gracing the ceremony with their presence.


The conveners set the ball rolling with the Director’s speech. Pride and satisfaction was etched on Dr. G.K. Prabhu’s face as he lauded each and every one of the students and faculty members who had toiled tirelessly to pull off this tournament. In his words, “I am glad that all of these students are playing football on Saturday and Sunday evenings rather than going places where they should not be going.”IMG_0201

He gave the go-ahead for the addition of two more teams in the League’s next edition, and assured us that the administration was busy chalking up plans for an eight team league. He stressed the need for promoting Girls’ football, urging the Physical Education Department and the Sports Club to address this demand as quickly as possible.

The prize distribution started without further ado. A deafening din was produced when the Alpha Knights lifted the winners’ trophy. A number of individual awards were distributed as well (mentioned below). The trophies were fruits of the all the players’ hard work, and they certainly seemed to relish them.


MITFL may have been a success, but like the Director pointed out, this was an experiment and there are many improvements which can be implemented before the next season begins. The playing conditions need to be improved. With the ground having an uneven green cover, injuries are likely to happen. The installation of floodlights has been a feather in the cap of the MITFL administration. The tournament is still in its nascent stage, and popularity is expected to grow in the coming few years with much better crowd support. Despite the few shortcomings, the MITFL has proved to be a force to reckon with. All those nights spent in organizing the League, along with evenings spent toiling at practice have paid off. Hope to see you at the ground on the first Sunday morning of the next season!

List of awards and awardees

  1. Fairplay- Zeta Bolts
  2. Top scorer- Ninad Vats of Delta Warriors, with 6 goals
  3. Best Goalkeeper- Arnav Mahapatra of Alpha Knights
  4. Best Manager- Keerthan Chandra of Psi Vipers
  5. Best player(first year)- Nasif Ambalavan of Alpha Knights
  6. Best player(second year)- Aaroh of Delta Warriors
  7. Best player(third year)- Shelmon D’Souza of Psi Vipers
  8. Best player(fourth year)- Prajwal of Alpha Knights


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