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MIT Debate Tournament—Revels’22


The Manipal Institute of Technology Debate Tournament celebrated its sixth edition with a splendid ensemble of enthused debaters across the globe. This year it was conducted in online mode from the 15th to 17th of April 2022, to avoid any disruptions brought about by the pandemic. 

The tournament followed the format of the British parliamentary where four teams of two members each were divided between the proposition and opposition benches. With more than 40 teams participating from India as well as internationally from South Korea, Australia, Japan, Bangladesh, and more, the event witnessed a fiercely competitive, yet cheerful arena. 

It was our first time debating in the BP format, and the second time in a tournament. It was, for a lack of words, exhilarating. We’re definitely taking back a lot from the tournament,” said a debater, about the event. 

With motions ranging from self-love, economics, art, crime, and philosophy, the tournament presented a serving of all walks of life, while nudging the inner argumentative debater within everyone.

Whether it be the intensive work of tabulation, the swing teams, the handling of rooms, or organizing in general, the event received praise from some of the most reputed names in the International debating circuits. The event was concluded with a heartfelt note from the convenors.      

Image credits: LDQ

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