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Down Memory Lane- MIT’s Valedictory & Alumni Meet

The Valedictory & Alumni meet was organized to facilitate three batches of MIT – the Golden Alumni (Joined in 1967), the Silver Alumni (Joined in 1988), and the very first batch of students from MIT during the foundation years.

The Golden Alumni felicitation was presided over by Brig. Mastinder Singh. Among the dignitaries present were Dr. MV Kini (Associate Director, Industrial Training and Placement) and Mr. Prasanna Kailaje (Director of Alumni Relations). The ceremony commenced with a floral welcome, followed by an introduction session – where people shared their memories of Manipal; recounting last bench anecdotes and nicknames for teachers.

A batch souvenir in the form of a book filled with story excerpts was released. This was followed by the unveiling of a rolling trophy – which will henceforth be presented to one outstanding student in every batch.

Dr. Gopalakrishna Prabhu then addressed the gathering. He began by sharing his vision to get MIT into the top 200 of the QS rankings. One of these novel initiatives was the Institute of Eminence – a new Government Initiative in which 10 government and 10 private institutions would collaborate with each other. MIT stands as one of the top contenders, giving the college a plethora of new opportunities.

Dr. GK Prabhu addresses the Valedictory & Alumni Meet

Dr. Prabhu also discussed the introduction of an ‘Idea Café’ on the campus that would allow the student community to discuss any of their ideas. If they proved the viability of these ideas, they would be moved to the Innovation Center – and, subsequently, to the Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI).  Dr. Prabhu also asked the alumni to host a few faculty members in their industry for two months. This would help them get much-needed industrial exposure – enabling them to deliver industry oriented lectures and thus contribute to faculty development.

The highlight of the day was Dr Ranjan Pai, grandson of Dr TMA Pai, donating Rs. 80 Crore as a bursary for the college. Using this as the foundation stone, the college plans to build a corps. With contributions from the alumni, the target is to raise Rs. 10,000 Crore for the purpose.

Mr. Prasanna Kailaje (Director of Alumni Relations) introduced those gathered to the alumni portal that was built to connect them with each other and help them contribute to the college’s development – either through monetary donations or job offers. The portal also includes updates about university proceedings along with featured alumni and blog pages. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Anant Subramanian.

Ms. Suguni Kamath, the first lady student and faculty of MIT, inaugurates Block 22

On December 17,  the new Block XXII was inaugurated by Ms. Suguni Kamath, the first lady student and lady faculty of MIT. The all-alumni meet began at the quadrangle with the inauguration of the new photo arena and fountain in the quadrangle.

Launching the MIT Compendium. (From Left) Amit Shah, Dr. MV Kini, Mr. Prasanna Kailaje, Dr. GK Prabhu, MM Kamath, Dr. BHV Pai, Dr. Ramesha C

The final day of the Valedictory & Alumni Meet also saw the release of MIT’s Diamond Jubilee Compendium – a book that attempts to capture the history of MIT and all the events that were held in the Jubilee Year. This book also includes Guest Articles by personalities critical to MIT’s growth over the years. The Compendium was unwrapped and launched by the dignitaries on stage – and copies were handed to them as souvenirs.

After the director’s address, the students of the first batch of MIT were introduced and felicitated. The Volunteer Services Organisation took the alumni a campus tour, covering places like the Automobile Workshop, End Point, Marena, and the Experience Theatre. The day concluded with a soulful flute concert by Pt Praveen Godkhindi.

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