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Mechatronics: An Integrated Approach – Guest Lecture by Dr. Ritwik Chattaraj


Date: 6/6/17

Department of Mechatronics Engineering organized a guest lecture on “Mechatronics- An Integrated approach” by Dr. Ritwik Chattaraj as a part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The audience comprised faculty members and students from diverse departments. The talk began with an introduction to Mechatronics and its significance in designing and developing systems interdisciplinary in nature – as well as consequent applications in the field of robotics.

Dr. Chattaraj stressed on the application of kinematics in designing robotic systems especially in the field of robotic gripping. He showed some novel designs in gripping and actuators based on shape memory polymers.

Three major areas were covered during the session spanning motion capture of human hand, grasp mapping, and design of mechanical robot hands. The new aspect of synergy-based scheme derived from recent findings in the domain of neuroscience was stressed upon.

A synergistic scheme combining the various individual elements in formulating a unique mechatronics solution to real-world application was envisaged and derived as a conclusive statement.

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