Mecha(tronics) for the Engineer In You!

IE Mechatronics held Tech Weekend in association with ISTE from the 4th to 7th February. An “open for all” meet with on-spot registrations for every event that was to happen, it was a well organised, relatable, and a fun-filled weekend for all techno-savvy students within the campus.

The first event to start off the tech weekend was “Halo” for all Arduino-lovers out there on. Participants were shown a holographic display on a 7×6 LED array. The task was to crack certain codes using Arduino software to make the LED matrix to glow. This would in turn produce a virtual image due to total internal reflection. As their most technical event, it managed to garner a lot of competition as 12 teams of 2 people each participated. It was a one-round event and the winners too were announced on the spot.

The next event took place on the 5th February and was Live Wire 1.0 — an event based purely on theoretical knowledge. The first round was a quiz to put to test the participant’s logical and mathematical reasoning as well as basic aptitude. A balanced quiz, it had a gradual easy to tough increase in levels of difficulty. The next round was an extremely interesting and logical one based on visual clues. Circuit diagrams were provided with certain parts replaced with blank spaces. One had to identify the components based on the clues provided. Extra points were up for grabs if something innovative was done with the circuit- like getting the same output by replacing several components with a single one and simplifying the circuit. A total of 15 teams consisting of maximum 3 students participated of which 7 teams qualified for the final round.

Another event that took place was Metal Hunt, on the lines of a treasure hunt. The teams had to track down 7 locations and collect a strip of aluminium from each which later had to be soldered to form the letters “M” and “H”- the abbreviation for the name of the event. The clues were rather interesting. For instance, “Combine a body part and a unit. You get a beverage and also your next location — Lipton” or “Maze in the corner of MIT 10th block”. An extremely innovative event, this too saw the participation by a lot of students.


The final event, Robotag, was the most exciting one simply because of the fact that students of any branch could participate without any prior knowledge. Participants were given pre-designed bots with controls. All they had to do was maneuver the bot towards a goal post starting from the opposite end before the other participant. The only problem was that the event was to be originally held on the 5th February, but due to an unforeseen technical glitch, the game had to be modified to the above mentioned form and was shifted to the next day. Nevertheless, this event turned into quite a success with almost a flood of participants as well as spectators. Even the concerned faculty showed up for the event and participated!

Overall, the event was a huge success not just in terms of the organisation, but also in terms of participation with the right blend of technical and semi-technical events. It was well thought out, publicised and executed.IMG_20160205_183421