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Matrubhasha Divas

MIT’s Hindi literary club, Goonj, planned a line-up of incredibly well-executed acts to commemorate ‘Matrubhasha Divas’ on the 21st of February, 2017. The event was attended by several faculty members, including Joint Director, Dr BHV Pai who,  highlighted the importance of honoring, and if necessary, fighting for what we believe in, in his speech. He then proceeded to hand the stage over to the talented members of Goonj, who had a special evening planned for the audience.

The silence that Rahul Singh’s moving speech, on the loyalty and dedication one must have for their nation, evoked was complemented by the round of applause and cheer that arose in appreciation of Prakhar Bansal’s incredible poems. Bansal’s poems gave the spectators a glimpse into his mind as he explored some of the most pressing contemporary matters such as patriotism and hope. The crowd was particularly moved by his lines on people and religion:

“Patang ka kya kasoor tha,
Haath toh hamara maanjha ne kaata.
In sarhato ka kya kasoor tha,
Janaab mazhab toh insaano ne baanta hai ”

The event gave several singers and poets an opportunity to show off their extraordinary talent. The audience was well-involved throughout the proceedings. This was evident when they decided to sing along to Lata Mangeshkar’s Luka Chuppi during K Pranav’s performance. Poets Sumit Sharma and Anany Shukla then took center stage and expressed their love for writing.
The event was concluded by a special performance by the Associate Director, Dr Narayana Shetty who expressed his deep appreciation for all those who had turned up.

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