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A Map for the Higher Semesters – The Mentorship Program

Students from the third year, with the help of the Student Council, took up the initiative to guide their juniors, currently entering the second-year, through the new and upcoming semesters. Webinars were conducted between 16 August and 20 August 2020 where senior students interacted with juniors of their branch. The meetings were conducted simultaneously for every branch on Microsoft Teams and saw a decent turnout from students wanting to know more about what they can expect from branches they have chosen for themselves. This initiative was carried out as an extension to the Students Teaching Students Program that was set up by the council last year.

A representative from the Student Council and one mentor from a higher semester kept the students engaged with tales of their experiences in Manipal. Right from coping with academics and club activities in first-year to letting go of the urge to spend time with friends and explore Manipal, the attendees of the meeting were pleasantly reminded of the time when conventional classes were more engaging than the present online mode. They were advised to concentrate right from the beginning, focus on getting the basics correct, and develop an interest in their respective fields. As an additional tip, these mentors advised second-year students to not only take notes and refer relevant books but also asked them to go through teaching resources like NPTEL to compensate for the absence of our college library.

Apart from allaying students’ fears about online classes, the mentors asked their mentees to stay away from stressing too much about their studies. Students were urged to get themselves involved in what they were doing, enjoy the experience of engineering and have a fun-filled college life, enabling the holistic development of the student’s character.

As affable as any senior can get, Paree Navet from the Aeronautical Engineering branch was delighted to help her juniors out. “I know how daunting it is to be thrust from the cushioned environment of first-year with common subjects, to a specialised field,” she remarked.  She also wanted her juniors to feel at ease in the new position that they find themselves in, “Many end up believing that their respective branches are tough and that the “GPA drop phenomenon” will plague everyone. I wanted my juniors to have a positive outlook towards the forthcoming semesters so that they continue to pursue their interests with vigour.”

“The feedback we received from the juniors was very positive. We were given some constructive suggestions that we can use to improve the experience of the mentee the next time. The participants were plenty in number, around 410 second years took part in the seminars that were held for all the branches. We are really happy to see the enthusiasm shown by them”, said Ankit Jajoo, Joint Secretary of the Student Council.

The meetings were wrapped up after an hour-long discussion on the overall state of mind of students of the third semester as they look forward to gaining knowledge in their respective fields. Representatives of the Student Council announced that the Student Teaching Student Programme will be launched within two weeks and urged students requiring guidance to apply for the same. Seniors and juniors alike share the same enthusiasm apprehension as they wait, with bated breath, for classes to resume on campus as soon as possible.


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