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Paint, Dance, Play, Repeat—Manipal’s Got Talent 2018 by MAFIA


Manipal’s Got Talent by MAFIA, which took place from 24th to 27th October, was a four-day long extravaganza of art, music, and dance. It featured a host of events including painting competitions, band performances, and solo dance competitions. Each of its events had something in store for every kind of talent in Manipal. 

Art: Inquisition 101
Aryaman Jha

On 24th October 2018, the budding sleuths of MIT gathered at the Student Plaza for the event Inquisition 101. It was a treasure hunt organised as a part of Manipal’s Got Talent by MAFIA. The participants were physically and mentally tested as they ran circles around the MIT campus in an attempt to locate the elusive treasure. They had to answer two riddles with the risk of losing two minutes for every wrong answer before they were given their next clue.

Along with the clue, they would get a piece of what appeared to be part of a larger artwork. The organisers made the task of the participants a little easier by restricting the areas in which they had to search for clues. The final treasures, which were assembled by combining all the small pieces of art, were paintings by artists like Van Gogh and Michelangelo. With the thrilling and satisfying reveal of the treasure, Inquistion 101 was a delightful event.

Art: Vectorify
Aryaman Jha 

Vectorify, a vector art competition, was held on 27th October in an NLH classroom. Vector art is a type of digital illustration based on geometric shapes and mathematical algorithms created using software such as Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop. The event challenged the participants’ ability to think on the spot and design a marketing poster for a product under a time constraint of ninety minutes.

The finals concluded with three designs being shortlisted. One was a poster advertising a time machine, the second a practical network amplifier, and the third was a design for a website. The competition tested the artistic skill of the participants and their portrayal of the given product in the most beautiful and appealing way possible. The final results of their hard work were a sight to behold with every poster resembling a sublime piece of art.  With a plethora of original ideas and an in-depth knowledge of the software, the students enjoyed competing against each other to deliver the best artwork.

Art: Unbrushed
Aayushi Agarwal

Photo Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

Unbrushed was a painting competition with a twist. Participants were deprived of the artist’s essential toolthe paintbrushin this competition. Instead, they were provided items of daily use such as sponges, knives, spoons, earbuds, and pen caps to weave their magic. The nine participants painted their interpretations of galaxies and the stars based on the ‘celestial’ theme for the event. “Art doesn’t always need paint brushes. Art can ooze out from the simplest of things,” said Akansha Priyadarshi, the Event Head for Unbrushed.  Her words echoed the core intent of the event, and the participants’ beautiful artworks were a testament to this sentiment.

Art: Perscripta
Nitin Jotwani
Giving wings to the participants’ imagination, MAFIA had yet another absorbing event in the art category. Perscripta, a charcoal sketching competition unfurled everyone’s creativity to think and sketch in monochrome. The artists were provided with the paraphernalia which included a compressed stick of charcoal, sheets of paper and other required art supplies. With the theme for the evening being ‘escape’, the participants let their ideas run loose to create the perfect masterpiece. A beautifully crafted open door and an open cage with butterflies flying out were a few notable pieces to admire. “It was a great experience as an event head for the first time. We learnt to organise and manage efficiently. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a few remarkable talents,” says Nishant Modi, one of the event heads.
Music: Solonote

Swadhin Routray

Manipal’s Got Talent’s second day kicked off with Solonote,  an instrumental event organised by MAFIA, the Music and Fine Arts Club of Manipal, on 25th October 2018. It gave every musician in MIT an opportunity to show off their skills on their instruments. The crowd cheered as the event began with a drummer facing off against a beatboxer in a battle of the beats.

The first guitarist was welcomed with a loud cheer from the spectators. The judge could be seen enjoying himself and bobbing his head to the fine notes played by the electric guitarist. To the crowd’s surprise, the next slot featured a musician with a mask on his face and KFC buckets on his head. He was followed by a guitarist whose behind-the-back metal guitar performance, left the audience slack-jawed in astonishment. A drummer who played his set blindfolded was undoubtedly the star of the show. Another popular performance was that of a saxophonist who started with a few tunes of his own and then beautifully transitioned into a melodious rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit, The Lazy Song, followed by a cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. MAFIA’s Solonote was a huge success, and it enjoyed an impressive turnout. The soothing melodies resonated through the minds of all those who were present long after the event had concluded.

Music: Battle of the Bands
Ankitha Giridhar

Over the span of five evenings, MAFIA brought to life Manipal’s very own talent show, Manipal’s Got Talent. 26th October saw the ‘Battle of the Bands’, a musical feast for the audience, take place. Setting up camp right outside Food Court I, the soaring voices and exhilarating music enthralled each student who happened to be around. None of the five bands left any stone unturned to provide a good show. Right from the unforgettable band namesThe Martini Police, Saaz, Cloudburst, The Last Minute, and Staircase Storiesto their amazing ensembles, each band packed their allotted twenty minutes with sonic excellence. With great voices and sublime guitar-playing embellished by the drummers’ energy, each performance was a gem.
Cloudburst took home the laurels with Saaz coming a close second, but for the audience sprawled across the lawn, it was yet another delight from Manipal’s resident entertainers, MAFIA.

Music: Atrangi
Nitin Jotwani

Gaining huge traction from the audience at the Student Plaza, MAFIA’s soulful music event Atrangi was organised on 24th October. The event saw a great influx of participants singing out their hearts to the songs of the east and the west. The participants were allowed a backing track or an accompanist. Within a limit of four minutes, the singers showcased their vocal talents and hours of practice. The audience tapped their feet to some beautiful melodies as the venue housed songs from all over the world.

All in all, Atrangi turned out to be a success. While Aditya Singh and Soumyadeep Bose were declared winners for Eastern vocals, Janvi Ramaswami and Siddarth Kulgod along with Tejas bagged prizes for Western vocals. “It was great working for the event. You get to learn things like setting up the stage, crowd management and meet so many talented people,” said Rohan George Thomas, one of the event heads.

Dance: Step Up
Devyani Mehta

Step Up, which took place on 24th October, saw the participants dancing their way into the hearts of the audience at the student plaza. The competition comprised of three rounds, where the first round required the participants to groove to music played to them impromptu. Only four out of nine participants from the first round went on to the second round which was the prop round. A broom, a basketball, an umbrella and a walking stickthe participants had to make the best use of this variety of props to move on to the third round. The final round was a face-off between the two finalists. Enthusiastic participation from the finalists made the competition a hit. Ms Maithri Kowshik, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Humanities and Management, was the judge for the event. “I’m a part of Blitzkrieg, and I love to dance. I’m glad you guys cheered for me as I presented my hobby to you. Thank you all,” said Hirankshi Chandran, the winner, a final year student from the School of Communication.
Dance: Flawless Feet
Nitin Jotwani

No talent show is complete without a platform to showcase the groovy moves one has been practising for ages. Keeping up with traditions, MAFIA called out all the dance enthusiasts in the campus in their event Flawless Feet on 25th October 2018. Solely dedicated to the western dance form, the participants came pumped up to let themselves lose with grace and finesse. Organised at the prime location of interaction in collegethe Student Plazathe audience witnessed a few memorable performances. In the stipulated time of three minutes, the participants had aroused a few rounds of applause for the spectacular hip-hop and break dance moves.

The event only allowed solo dance performances, and any Indian dance move would add up to a negative score. Given the rubrics, the participants had an array of varied dance forms to present. One of the event heads, Sachin Puri, said, “We had participants from each year, and each of them had a different style to their dance. It was a nice experience organising with my fellow event head Aishwarya and the MAFIA team and watching a few amazing performances.”

Featured image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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