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Manipal Dog Killings—Protest for Justice


When eight dogs were found dead outside Mandavi Emerald Manipal on 22nd June 2019, Babita Madhwaraj, trustee of Madhwaraj Animal Care Trust, took initiative and filed an FIR at the Manipal police station. A month later, on 20th July 2019, a group of dedicated animal activists gathered outside the police station and demanded the police to give an update regarding these killings.

The protestors in front of Manipal Police Station.

Babita, along with her team, brought together several people in the dusky hours of Saturday to hear what the police had to say. The police, even after 25 days, has no new leads or updates to give the organisation and the public at large. The rally spoke volumes with the activists standing their ground and reminding the police that they are the voice for the strays, instead of demeaning the justice system of the country.

Babita Madhwaraj is on a mission to ensure that this incident does not become just another story on social media and that the perpetrators receive the punishment they deserve.  It was only after I started this work[an organisation dedicated to helping dogs] that I realised how many kind people are present in this town. Students especially, want to adopt puppies right off the streets but they should not take them home directly. Instead, they should call organisations like ours to come and see if the puppies require any medical attention first. she said, advising the students. She believes that the best way to live in harmony with these animals is through giving them love and compassion, along with increasing awareness about neutering. She funds the neutering and medical expenses of the dogs she shelters herself. Her shelter, Precious Paw, has sheltered over 200 puppies and successfully relocated 26 dogs. She wants the youth to be educated about street fostering and the process of approaching the right authorities.

“We are putting maximum effort into the investigation and trying to find the culprits”, said Inspector Sampath Kumar. The Manipal Police continue their investigation, while activists such as Babita Madhwaraj put in personal efforts to get the attention of higher authorities on the case and catch the perpetrators soon.

Contact Babita Madhwaraj: 9845720254 regarding any queries/emergencies with stray dogs.

Featured Image Credits: Babita Madhwaraj

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