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The Manipal Homecoming—3rd Global Alumni Convention

The 3rd Global Manipal Alumni Convention kicked off on 14th December 2018, in Manipal. The inaugural function drew a homecoming of students and teachers of various batches to the MIT Quadrangle in the evening. The function followed a day of reliving Manipal, with walks and Marena sessions.

“You can take the person out of Manipal, but not Manipal out of the person,” said Prasanna R Kailaje as he welcomed the gathering, prompting an uproar in appreciation by the audience. While the convention had a registration of 2000 people from around 25 countries, the inaugural ceremony witnessed a turnout of only around 200. Mr Kailaje acknowledged the low number, attributing it to their need to explore the enormous changes the town had undergone.

Dr H Vinod Bhat addressed the gathering, highlighting the various achievements and laurels received by the university over the past few years. After a special mention to the Silver Batch present this year and wishing all those present a jolly reunion, Dr M Vijaya Kini, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, gave the vote of thanks. Various cultural performances came next, followed by a banquet.

“For a person who’s coming back after 10 or 12 years, the places and even the roads seem completely different. We couldn’t make out we were entering Manipal—although all the blocks remain the same, and they bring back all the memories of our stay here. The sports complex is brilliant, and I definitely wish it was present during my day,” said MIT alumnus J S Krishna of the ECE Batch of 1993 and currently a designated examiner at Jet Airways.

“I think its tragic the hostels shut down at 11 now. In our days, we had no curfew, and we connected with all the wardens and caretakers very well. Of course, we were a disciplined lot, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. That has to be my best memory from studying here,” commented Vikram Chandra of the Batch of 1993.

“Do MIT, and you won’t regret it,” said Vasu Rangaswami, another alumnus of the same batch, who currently works in Microsoft, summarising the thoughts of all present.

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