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Making Amends – The Student Council’s Meeting

On the 30th of March, the Student Council ­met with the administration of MIT to discuss certain growing concerns of students and council members alike. The meeting, held at the Director’s Office Annex, was graced with the presence of Dr. G.K. Prabhu, Director of MIT, Dr. B.H.V.Pai, Joint Director of MIT, Professor Balakrishna S Maddodi, Associate Director for Student Welfare, as well as Dr. Praveen Shetty, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Management. The following issues were discussed at length.


The Student Council suggested that there should be two structured council meetings every month. It was finally decided that two meetings per month, over the course of the next four months, would be conducted, under the guidance of Dr. Praveen Shetty, and Mr. Darshan Nandekar.

Council members further requested for a special meeting every month with the class representatives. The Director, Joint Director, as well as Council members would preside over this meeting. Dr. G.K. Prabhu, decided to hold two such meetings every semester, and the first of these meetings is to be held on the 12th of April, 2017. Students are encouraged to let their representatives know of any issues they want brought up and addressed at these meetings.

The next agenda at hand was for the construction of a walking path with a shed from Kamath Circle to the Chemical Block. The shed would serve as a convenient shade from the sun, and the rain for students. However, this agenda will only be taken up in the upcoming financial year so that its design aesthetic matches the upcoming buildings around campus.

Last, but not the least, the Student Council was adamant about the need to provide measures to tackle student depression. This is one of the rising concerns of any university, owing to recent events on the national and university scale. Dr. Narayana Shenoy K. took up the responsibility to ensure that counselors visit classrooms to raise awareness. It was also decided that the student mentorship program should be revised and revisited so that students have a support structure to rely on.


The first issue discussed was the possibility of making an online lecture series, or video lectures, for the students of MIT. The Director further suggested the idea of flipped classrooms for Post Graduate students. This agenda is to be discussed at the next H.O.D. meeting, which will be presided over by the Director himself. Meanwhile, some thought is going to be put in to providing class materials online for easier access.

The Student Council also proposed the idea of including a student representative while the End Semester examinations’ timetable is being curated. The Director agreed that the same policy could be implemented while making the Academic Calendar as well. For this, the council itself is to nominate a representative who will be responsible in providing feedback before the calendar is finalized and publicized.

The next agenda discussed was with regard to the lateral entry students. The council highlighted that the students  face difficulty due to the stringent course structure of Mathematics 1 and Mathematics 2. However, considering the lack of viable alternatives for the time being, this issue was put on hold pending further brainstorming about what portions need to be a part of their Maths course.

Finally, the council requested that each department set up an optional project lab, wherein students would be free to implement their project ideas with the aid of the college’s resources. It was decided that the MIT Tech-shop could serve as a multidisciplinary lab for the same. There will be adequate space provided in it for students from different branches to come together and collaborate on a variety of projects.


One of the primary concerns with regards to the MIT hostels is the demand to know the break-up of how the hostel utility fee was charged to the students. It was agreed that this has been a pressing concern of students and council members alike, so as to make each individual aware of their expenditures. Dr. Prabhu has instructed the financial section to provide the students with the necessary information.

The Student Council also requested for seniority to be considered as a parameter while allotting hostel rooms to the students. The Chief Warden has taken up the responsibility to discuss the matter with the Hostel section and incorporate said parameter into the hostel allotment equation.