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You Love Who You Love—Bade Miyaan Deewane by Aaina Dramatics

Aaina Dramatics presented its main production of the semester—Bade Miyaan Deewane on the 7th of April at the IC stairs. Revolving around an eccentric octogenarian who wishes to marry the same girl his son is in love with, the play was full of plot twists and great elements of humour.  The drama was a fine work of art as a romantic comedy and was well received by its large audience.

The act unveiled with a scene where Meer, one of the lead characters in his eighties, discussed his erratic state of mind with his servant Chilla. He seemed to be confused between the love of two ladies, Gulab and Heera and wishes to seek help from his friend, Shaukat, in the matter. As the plot unfolds, Suraiyya’s father, Sheikh, takes the stage with an aim in his mind. He asks Meer if he knows of any prospective groom for his daughter. To everyone’s surprise, Meer proposes his hand for the marriage giving rise to many instances of hilarity in the act.  As the drama progresses, the audience is given glimpses of the cunning nature of Shaukat who was initially portrayed to be a wise and benevolent man.

Shaukat formulates a plan to fulfil Meer’s wishes by convincing Sheikh to let his daughter tie the knot with Meer. Though, it turns out that Shaukat is the primary benefactor of this crafty idea. In the midst of this, it is revealed that Surraiya’s secret lover is none other than Tabish, Meer’s son. This led to a plot filled with punchlines and great humorous elements ending in an ultimate comic twist.

All the hard work that we put in paid off. The audience responded very well, and it is great to see the success of the play”, said Shivalika Chaudhary, who played the role of Heera.

The performance of the actors was excellent, and the fact that they made use of the entire area around IC stairs to keep the audience hooked was amazing”, said Saharsh Ranjan, a first-year student from the audience. The play left the audience in splits with its comic timing and was appreciated by everyone present there.

Image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal