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Through the Looking Glass—Book Reading by LDQ

The Literary, Debate, and Quiz club hosted their first ever Book Reading session on 14th March 2019, at NLH 403. The event aimed at providing an open space for discussions on books, the ideas they encapsulate, their interpretations, and the audience’s personal views on the author and their writing.

Dr Sudhamshu Bhushan Raju presided over the event and indulged in an interactive session with other members. Works of J.K. Rowling like the Cormoran Strike series, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s White Nights, and Orhan Pamuk’s novels were discussed. Each interaction revolved around the peculiarities of the book, the style of writing and the ideas that the author wished to convey. The event continued with an in-depth analysis of the themes of each of these books, its different interpretations, and the deep-rooted connections with society. The discussion, however, was not limited to books. Several other real-world issues connected to these novels were highlighted, with further discussions on how they shaped the reader’s outlook towards communities.

“We organised this session with the intention of getting the reader-writer community together, and through that, we wish to encourage and cultivate the habit of reading books among the students here. We aim to create a space where people can come and read out books or even their own writing and discuss the various contexts and ideologies behind it,” said Anarghya Poojary, literary head of LDQ.

Book Reading was an insightful, interactive and fun session for all readers. LDQ’s initiative to start a book reading club made the reader-writers community feel welcome and gave them a sense of recognition. With the success of the event, they look forward to adding more members to this club, and in turn, increasing the reader’s community and creating a niche for themselves.