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Walk with the Director [LIVE]


The Walk with The Director was a huge success with a great turnout. Read through the Live Blog below to catch up with all the action you may have missed.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:47 am

Thank you Newton for the great coverage, you better pay me back for filling your phone balance last night.
Have a great 4 years ahead kids. It’s gonna be great and we’re all excited to have you here.

Until next time, this is Jitin Jami signing off.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:41 am

Wishing all parents a safe and worryless journey back home. Rest assured your kids are in one of the best places possible.

And Freshers, welcome to Manipal. Have a great 4 years here!

This is Navaneeth Ganesh Upadhyaya (That’s my name Jammy) aka Newton for the Post signing off. Shoutout to Jammy and Mukund for joining us from the studio.

Newton, over and out! Untill next time

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:36 am

The Kamath Circle is back to ‘normal.’ The successful ‘Walk With Director’ comes to a close with a thank you from the Director.

So much has happened in this small but tremendously active circle. And there’s so much more happening. I can almost see the Student Plaza with the gallery, utility stores, fruit shops, basketball courts, Student Activity Centre and what not! Manipal as we know it is gonna change…

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:35 am

And about the ban, the Director feels one day it might be removed altogether. The students most definitely benefit from interacting with seniors and we can hope for changes soon.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:32 am

Jammy, the Director defends me. I’m making the freshers feel at home in Manipal. We’re angels. 😛

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:31 am




Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:31 am

Nischay from New Delhi speaks up. The CS student is very interested to join IECSE. Claims to have heard a lot about it. The other student website he frequents is, wait for it….

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:29 am


Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:28 am

It’s great to see even parents coming together on this Sunday morning and enjoy the campus like we do.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:26 am

But sadly there is this interaction ban. Don’t be a rebel Navneeth, we need you.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:25 am

I’m gonna get a word or two from freshers…

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:25 am

“This is a great initiative. Really digs into the pulse of the younger generation. Freshers and faculty, parents and management freely walking like at home. A huge boost to the confidence you cab say. My daughter is to study CCE here and I’m really glad she chose Manipal. Here’s to a great 4 years!”

– Dr. Bhanu,

Director of Singenta Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.

On Walk With Director.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:16 am

“If you cant get an Appy, grab a Frooti and be happy.”

Also look at those tags tho.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:13 am

Every say hi to those student teams!
And also a bye to the workshops.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:12 am

No rain, thank the gods! But it’s getting pretty sunny now. So I guess we’re close to the end…

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:12 am

Aww man!
I’ve been bloggin too, I want appy. :/

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:11 am

Yayy! Appy Tetrapacks for everyone!


Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:10 am

Took a selfiewithdirector I’m have the worst smile EVER! ._.

Why did you post it Jammy? Why, why, WHY?

On a more serious note, we walked through the newly constructed Sir MV road and through the Student Project Workshops.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:09 am

We’re back at KC, now and the Director is atop the van again!

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:09 am

I promise we at The MIT Post smile better. Navneeth isn’t our best in that section.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201611:09 am

Finally! Not being able to access the liveblog was like being locked out of my own room. Trust me, it’s nothing good. Always keep a spare key. seniortalks

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:08 am

But hey, server crashes due to high load is a good thing, right? Take that, Mukund’s mom.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:04 am

Sorry for that small break. We have servers giving up and moms shouting at us.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201611:02 am

Umbrellas come in handy even when there is no rain. Such is the Manipal sun.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:51 am

A great year is in store for all of these freshers. The first year is definitely an experience one can scarcely forget. New friends, new home, new vocab if you are friends with a Delhiite, new temples, new sorts of temples. Manipal is one heck of a place.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:47 am

True dat, Newton!

If our politicians were like this, we’d already be in a better India already.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:47 am

Dr. BHV Pai, the Joint Director takes the stage. The driving force behind the Director and his mike at all times.

Talks about Sir M Visveswarya. Civil Engineer. Diwan of Mysore. Builder. Politician. Visionary. Blogging about him will take a whole article on its own.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:46 am

“Student’s enthusiasm is all!” If you have something to talk to me about, come to me. Share the idea with me. I shall ensure that it’s done.”

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:45 am

“We are ready to celebrate your special day with you.” College’s full support assured for all such activities.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:44 am

“My kids are celebrating special days in so many unique ways. Parents brithdays, their birthdays, parent’s wedding anniversaries. They go to orphanages and old age homes and show so much maturity.”

Love it when he calls us his kids! <3

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:42 am

Plans. So many new ideas. The crux of a university is to give birth to and nurture new ideas. In that front, Manipal has succeeded. What say guys?

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:42 am

“We’re localites and we know the campus pretty well. But still, the idea behind this was getting to know the campus and the folks in it better. We are to be the Go-To people for freshers for some time. We better get to know them right now.

Localite swagger.
Krishna, Harshita, Mallya (yeah, him :P) and Pavan. Catch these guys if you want to know more of Manipal and places to go

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:40 am

Also in news, Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia is the chief guest for the convocation this year. Hoot Hoot.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:40 am

The “Our proud alumni” board near AB 5 gate has progressively been getting bigger, as evident from the last photo. Good times

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:39 am

That alumni list doh!

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:38 am

Director laying out diamond jubilee plans, and talking about some of our alumni.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:38 am

MIT started in 1957. Older than most IITs. Next year we celebrate 60 years of MIT.
The director has a lot of plans for that. I’m guessing year long party. B)

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:35 am

Man holding umbrella over his head, and has loud speakers. He nailed it with the politician analogy.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:32 am

The holy trinity. (Not sure who one of them is 😛)

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:32 am

AB5! The dreaded exams happen here…

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:30 am

Annamalai has been one of the most distinctive people in Udupi. Few have seen him, all have heard of him. And most came to fear him. But he’s transferred to Chikmagalur now 🙁
Keep up the good work Officer! Manipal will always remember you!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:29 am

We’re headed to the main building entrance!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:29 am

The jeep begins moving again.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:27 am

Kill that reload button!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:27 am

Please prove Mukund wrong folks! :'(

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:27 am

The man needs no introduction! Sounds of applause covered the narrow streets the moment he stepped on the van.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:26 am

A Postman has no chill at home.

Mom to me: Get up already, nalaayak. God only knows what he keeps on typing on that college website that two people till date must have read.

Is it so, peeps? Are more people blogging than reading?

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:26 am

And making a very special appearance is a very special guest, The Singham of Manipal – K ANNAMALAI!!!

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:24 am

Every week-end wake up early in the morning? Seems kinda hard.

The thing with Manipal is it has too many places for a good morning jog, but very few takers.
Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:23 am

Nice weather here, no thanks for asking. :/ I got my umbrella for nothing!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:22 am

Peeps, we want your vote now! The Director is open for having such a walk every week. The Republic of MIT gets to vote. All for it say, AYE!

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:21 am

Also missing from action today is Amit Shah, our resident blog-maestro (We have the famous fat Gujju one, not the BJP one). Last we heard, he was busy setting up base in Manipal in Pavitra. New place for all the cool parties this sem, people. Mark your maps.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:19 am

“I hope my Chancellor and VC aren’t embarassed of me standing on top of this van talking to you people like a politician or a movie star!” No wonder Sorabh Pant was threatened by our Director’s sense of humor. XD

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:18 am

Well, an army requires rations. Go for it Navaneeth!

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:17 am

Folks, try that mysore masala dosa at the Cafeteria.
Its yum.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:17 am

Mind if I have a quick bite? 😛

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:17 am

I haven’t been there in ages!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:16 am

The cafeteria! <3

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:16 am

Or to write a reply for that.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:16 am

Ah academic block 2.
Its like life, you get confused at every corner and you don’t know where that corridor is leading to.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:16 am

My fingers are too hurt to type my full name again.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:15 am

We’ve passed through the library and going to AB2 now.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:15 am

Kudos to Navneeth Ganesh Krishna.
I do not know the order and if there are any more names included. I’m sorry 😛

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:15 am

The party starts moving from the Quadrangle.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:14 am

I was kinda thinking it’s the bright white shirt with an orange line, an XXL ‘Writer’ tag and a DSLR around my neck. But… that too.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 201610:11 am

Navaneeth is our resident one man army, does half of our articles, most of our publicity, and all of The Post’s idiosyncrasies. Is it weird that he is famous?

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:10 am

Wow, Manipal is gonna get boosted to the top of the rankings if this keeps up.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:09 am

Center of Excellence for Dept. Of Civil Engineering announced. Our alumni Mr. Faizal Kottikollon of KEF Holdings has donated the funds required.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:08 am

The freshers mingling, talking, making new friends.

As long as we’re on the topic of shameless publicity, click on my name to visit my blog and read some cool stuff.

shamelesspublicity nextlevel

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:07 am

But works for me too. 😛 XD

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:07 am

Umm… The Director said that.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:07 am

I never thought I would be so popular!

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:06 am

Quadrangle scenes, this could be our final pit-stop given the track record for quadrangle.

Some great memories here.
Free food during the annual day functions.
Water Rocket during TechTatva.
Sorabh Pant, The Local Train and Battle of the Bands during Revels.

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:03 am

Manipal lake and End Point are great places for you to go on a casual jog on a lazy sunday.
Actually any place in Manipal is just fine. Its too beautiful.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 201610:02 am

The Director’s wife, Malini ma’am shares a word. She’s been supportive of all of the Director’s innovative ideas. “My husband wants to spend all his time with his kids. It’s only natural that I do. This is an icebreaker session. The kids mingle with each other and get to know each other. One year down the line they’ll look back to this day in nostalgic memory.”

Jitin Jami July 31, 201610:01 am

If you guys have just tuned in. So far we saw huge crowds gathered at KC, a promise about TechShops in front of the hostel blocks 1,2,3,4 and a walk way.
And trees, because there are never enough.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:59 am

Well, we were taken to Manipal lake, a spot which they called end point but wasn’t, and KMC, for some reason. I think saving on fuel money was their way of going green.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:59 am

Mission accomplished!


Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:57 am

Director is da real MVP!

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:55 am

Poddar, I was on my own tour to places around Manipal. There is Mangalore, Agumbe, Dharmasthal, Kollur.
Mostly temple towns, but that was probably the only temple tour I’ve loved so far.

Y’all are in a very scenic place y’all. Get used to it and take lots of pictures. 😛

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:55 am

Or, join The Post. We guarantee we can bring top-notch Kolkata sweets, if it helps in luring you here.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:53 am

Kids, steal their food after you’ve become friends.
That way you have an all access pass. To their food and AC. 😛

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:52 am

Had you gone for the campus tour in your first year?

Where did they take you?
Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:52 am

You in Calcutta. Me in Hyderabad.
This reminds me of the diversity we have in college.
I’ve never had proper Bengali sweets before and now my semester can not start without me raiding Poddar’s room for all the food he gets.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:50 am

So, Jami, it’s only us in the studio now.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:50 am

When your director has a more photogenic face than you.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:50 am

sittingunderthemangotree mangotreeforever internationalkumbalakai

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:49 am

Go do your thing Newton, plant that mango tree.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:48 am

This one time I was so excited I saw him walking down the road from the swimming pool to KC.
I don’t even know why I was excited.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:47 am


Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:47 am

Newton, temporarily signing out.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:47 am

I wanna go plant one too.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:47 am

Things were done very differently when I joined MIT. The campus tours was taken in batches, 4 to 5 times a day. And I did not know who my director was, until TechTatva, MIT’s very own Tech Fest.
GKP sir has done things very differently ever since he started his term.

He isn’t our director. He is like a celebrity in our campus.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:46 am

Not that I wanna muddy my hands or anything.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:45 am

Hey, my hands are full!

Camera, Phone, and the most important of all – UMBRELLA!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:44 am

A word from Prof. Maddodi. The walk was his brainchild. “I had this unique idea, and when I told it to the Director, he was like – Yes! Instead of spending a beautiful Sunday morning at home, getting to know people here is a good execercise. The turn out speaks for itself! Students are happy. Parents are happy. We are happy. I’M a happy man!”

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:43 am

“Hey beta, help me down.”

Also, Navneeth being a typical media guy and only caring about capturing everything instead of helping.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:41 am

You know, I honestly can’t recognise where this photo is from. Our campus must be so different right now.

I wanna go back 🙁
Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:39 am

Yaar, class mey bhi ithna attendance kabhi nahi tha.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:36 am

More trees = more places for Jami to carve names. And Jami does have a lot of names to carve.

Watch out for this guy, ladies.
Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:35 am

More trees!
More trees = More happiness

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:34 am

Show us the photos, Navaneeth!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:34 am

The turn out is huge! About 400 people already and more coming in every second!

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:34 am

He’ll probably need that long selfie stick our very own MITian made and got a Guiness World record for.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:34 am

Coding and marriage. Similar in so many ways. When your code doesn’t work, you know not why. When your code works, you know not why.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:33 am

Sapling plantation going on now.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:33 am

That’s GKP for you guys!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:33 am

Taking selfies with students. XD

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:32 am

There’s some issue… Where’s the Director?

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:31 am

So where are you guys, Navaneeth? And how many people have turned up for the walk?

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:31 am

The Director walks fast. I’m having trouble keeping up…

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:31 am

And that’s Mukund Poddar everybody!
He is hobbies are coding and marriage.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:31 am

We’re behind the IC now. Stopping for something unique planned by the Director.

Mukund Poddar July 31, 20169:30 am

I remember my first walk on campus. We had arrived at ten in the night, and after settling in the hostel, we were really hungry. So, me and my mataji went around to ask people where we could get food.
First two people we came across… well, let’s just say my mom felt I may not require an arranged marriage if I studied here.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:29 am

If any freshers are tuning right now, the walk paths are new in campus and probably more valuable to us than internet when the scorching heat hits Manipal.
You guys are very lucky!

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:27 am

And spoil/break our umbrellas.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:27 am

The applause went on for a whole minute…

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:27 am

The Rain and Sun Gods aren’t gonna be thrilled… Their favorite pastime was annoying us students.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:26 am

Tech Shop is something that has been promised to the student teams by our director when he was appointed.
It’s some really good news for all the student teams out there. And the ones that will come up soon,

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:25 am

Covered Walkpaths! Way to go, sir!

Take that Sun and rain!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:25 am

I wanted to walk in the footsteps of Nadella. Literally. But his hostel room is now a girl’s. :/

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:24 am

Something for the ‘engineers by choice’ to rejoice to. Even with limited space and facilities, long walks to the department labs and workshops for equipment, teams like Formula Manipal, Mars Rover Manipal and Team Manipal Racing have done extremely well in national and international competitions. Shout out to Formula Manipal is in Germany currently preparing for the Formula Student competition. To give them more facilities and space, the soon to be constructed Techshop!

The tech shop is to be in the empty space facing the hostel blocks. No trees will be felled. Manipal believes in a clean and green campus.

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:24 am

I can understand why its haunted, why would you give guys hostels so close to academic sections and take it away from them.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:23 am

Student Plaza. I really wondered what that was…

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:23 am

There is something the director would not tell you about those blocks.
That block was for guys.
And now its haunted.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:22 am

MIT Techshop announced! Our Dream is to get Satya Nadella to inaugurate it.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:22 am

But they already know that! What they need to know, is the umm… Jammy?

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:22 am

I’m here to rescue what the director just endorsed. And if seniors having their own walk?!
That’s great news.
But the walk from 9th block to academic block 5, I wonder how many will turn up for that. 😛

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:20 am

We’re at the hostel blocks right now… The History of Blocks 1,2,3 and 4…

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:19 am

Ouch, Jammy way to ruin my Jam!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:19 am

Shout out to The MIT Post! Our Live coverage gets a mention by the Director. If you aren’t on the blog right now, chop chop!

Jitin Jami July 31, 20169:18 am

No wonder nothing can be heard. This just almost looks like a political meeting.

Also, hey guys, this is Jitin Jami from the post to make the live blog fun, because Navneeth is not that funny.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:18 am

How AWESOME is this!!

The tech savvy Director all ears to how the liveblog works. Shoutout to the Board for this idea.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:18 am

We’re gonna have our OWN Walk With Director!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:17 am


“I’m very excited. This has gotten a huge response and a large amount of interest has been shown by parents and freshers. If my senior students would like to have such a walk, any weekend will do fine!”
Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:13 am

The Director surrounded by Paparazzi. The Staff Reporter can’t get a word… :'(

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:07 am

“Walk. Get to know the campus. Plant a tree. Make friends. Get comfortable. Have a great 4 years!” Don’t we have the coolest Director ever!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:06 am

“The idea for my kids…” The Director already a father figure for Manipal. “When the plant grows, you can take a selfie with your plant.”

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:04 am

Shoutout to Security Officer Ranthnakar Samanth’s idea to have sapling plantation in this walk.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:03 am

Shoutout to Prof. Maddodi for this unique idea! Director Prabhu sharing his ideas with the crowd!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:02 am

The Chief Warden Col. Kalkoti arrives!

Appreciates the effort of the Post.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:01 am

And the man of the hour takes the stage! Director Prabhu greeted with a HUGE “GOOD MORNING!”

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20169:00 am

The Director to arrive in 2 minutes…

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:56 am

That’s without counting people waiting in the food court!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:56 am

“GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!” shouts Prof. Maddodi to the expectant crowd. The whole of KC is full and more are expected to join soon.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:52 am

Joining me from The Post Studio will be some of the Staff, chipping in with the bits and pieces of sweet and sour memories scatterred across campus as we go on.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:51 am

This is Navaneeth Ganesh from The MIT Post here to give ‘minute-to-minute’ updates on today’s unique activity.

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:50 am

KC is filling up with people. All waiting expectantly for the Director!

Navaneeth Ganesh July 31, 20168:30 am

And the day arrives, folks! I’m heading over to KC. If you see a me, stop by and say Hi! 😛

Who else is psyched?

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