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Litstock 2017


Pop Culture Quiz

Shreeya Konnur | Staff Writer

An exclusive freshers fest, Litstock 2017 had NLH rooms buzzing with activity from the 19th to the 22nd of October. One of the prominent events of the fest, the Pop Culture Quiz, was conducted on the first day of the fest. This event drew quite a crowd with eager participants. With freshers pouring in with their newfound college enthusiasm, the Pop Culture Quiz was quite a hit.

The preliminary round had a total of twenty teams participating, with each team consisting of three members. The teams were tested on various areas of pop culture. The teams had to answer twenty questions in all, with questions ranging from television series to superheroes, bands, and memes. As these questions focused on the most intricate details of the world around us, it was a grueling match among the participating teams to scale the ranks of the scoreboard.

Image courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

Only the top eight teams from the first round qualified for the second round. As this round would decide the victor, the difficulty level was raised. There were 4 rounds of questions in total. Two written rounds with six questions each and two oral rounds with twelve questions each. All eight teams competed skilfully, but it was a close call between the top four teams of the event.

This event of Litstock was expertly organised and the Quizmasters handled the quiz exquisitely—always standing by fair judgment. To quote Adhiraj Ghosh, organiser and Quizmaster, “The idea of the quiz was to make it fun for the participants, to have them enjoy the first event of Litstock. I was satisfied with the turnout and the engagement of the freshers. Giving up sleep to make this quiz was worth the effort!”



Shweta Gadepalli | Staff Writer

Freshers showcased their public speaking skills in Extempore, a spontaneous speech contest, as part of the festivities of Litstock. The first round had all the participants in two minds, literally. Each contestant was given a motion and had to switch sides by speaking for the topic when asked to block, and against it when asked to tackle. Hilarious motions and thought-provoking motions, such as “MIT should have co-ed hostels” were well justified by the quality of the speakers.

The next round, Shipwreck, had all the participants in a knot. The contestants had to imagine a shipwreck scenario wherein there was a spot for only one person on the lifeboat. Unfortunately, there was no Jack to save the day, the participants had to save their own skins. Each participant was given an identity to defend, ranging from Pennywise the Dancing Clown to Isaac Newton.

Eight selected participants went on to the semi-final round called ELI5. Here, the contestants were given topics to explain to an audience pretending to be a group of five-year-olds. Ranging from Islamophobia to Caste based reservations in India, the complexity of the topics was diluted to the core and explained.

Image courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

The final round was called Hence Proved. Like the title suggests, the contestants had to essentially prove a statement given to them and justify it. After each speech, the participants were asked questions based on their speeches. The participants were witty with their explanations and the judges had a great time judging the round. To quote Adhiraj Ghosh, the event head, “I am pleasantly surprised with the standard of speakers among the freshers. Being a light-hearted event, judging was great fun. It was also great fun making the motions. I was thrilled to see all the participants enjoying the subtle humour we added.


Priyana Aragula | Staff Writer

The Potpourri event was enjoyed by literature and challenge lovers alike. The entire competition was characterised by wordplay and interactive games revolving around literature. The event was centred around those who excel in their understanding of the English Language. Taking place over 2 days, the preliminary round was a quiz based on Pop culture ranging from internet memes to famous 90’s musicians.

Image courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

Out of all the teams participating, eight teams were selected for the final round. The final round consisted of multiple word games which were interesting and stimulating for all the participants. Classic games like Charades and Taboo were given a twist, by being based on movie titles. The final round of ‘Bad Movie Plots’ was a whiff of fresh air where team members narrated movie plots for the others to guess. Fun and creative spins were included in the activities which encouraged the participants to involve themselves in the games.

Events are successful as long as the participants and organisers enjoy themselves. Thoroughly satisfied, Event Head Rohit Sathish Nair had this to say, “We aimed to introduce freshers to the most relaxed event there could be in this college, that too as a part of Litstock. I hope they enjoyed themselves.”

Just A Minute (JAM)

Adhiraj Ghosh | Staff Writer

Litstock 2017 was all about tweaking the current language system and being creative with it. Never be misguided by the name, for JAM or Just A Minute was a literary event which focused on the correct usage of the English Language in commonplace speeches. After a quick demonstration as to how a JAM actually works, the organisers let the participants battle it out amongst themselves. A panel of six was asked to speak on topics which contained a well-crafted pun for a minute.

Despite being called Just A Minute, each topic got extended a lot more as each participant mercilessly pointed out errors in their rival’s speeches. The complexity of the event stems from the stringent ruling mechanism which includes perfect grammar and fluency of speech. Participants were instructed to slam the table with their hand the moment they spot an error, which made the event loud and all the more fun.

Divided into preliminaries and finals, JAM topics were downright hilarious. Everyone was delighted by the topics, which included “Karma Café doesn’t have a menu; they serve what you deserve” and “I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger and then it hit me”. To spice things up, delights were used. Every time a participant objects, they had to quote a movie dialogue and tell a dirty joke. Several more challenges ensued as, in the finals, the participants had to include a Hindi word in their speeches.

Image courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

Despite there being only one winner, everyone went to their hostels with smiles on their faces. Content with the event, Pujan Parikh said, “The JAM was able to pull a large crowd in this edition of Litstock. Despite most of the participants being complete first-timers, they took to JAM-ming really quickly. With a plethora of puns and a spectacular display of humour and wit, the JAM was all it took to forget about the lurking end sems. If only for a minute.”

Slam Poetry

Mayukh Das | Staff Writer

In a world bothered only with results and deadlines, we often choose not to experience the more intimate moments of life. We forget that the joy and sadness, the fear and insecurities that make us weak and fallible also make us human. It is events like Slam Poetry that help us rediscover our human side and show us just how much of a strength it is.

Lights will guide you home.

Fairy lights set the mood for the evening, as participants walked into NLH 104 to participate. They performed a wide variety of topics ranging from patriotism and heartbreak to the deeply metaphorical portrayals of depression and pessimism. Most contestants performed multiple poems, which whilst not always very long, dealt with a variety of topics. The audience snapped along to parts that were most heart-bearing, lauding the immense courage and the superb writing which complimented each other, resulting in a rich and sobering experience.

Slam poetry is an expression of all that is unsaid—of all the deepest emotions of the mind. Ishan Gupta, the event head, had this to say, “Poetry makes you expose your inner self to an audience. I am happy to learn so much about so many new people in one evening. May we do many more slam poetry sessions in the future.” The organisers of Litstock 2017 kept Slam Poetry on its roster for this one reason and did justice to the art that it is.

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