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Literature and Criticism – Kannada Poet K.V. Tirumalesh visits MIT

Date: 24/3/17

K.V. Tirumalesh, one of Kannada’s most respected and admired contemporary writers, interacted with the students of MIT as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. This talk was jointly organized by the Department of Humanities and Management and Centre for Gandhian Studies, and it was on the topic ‘Literature and Criticism’.

Professor Tirumalesh is a Central Sahitya Academy awardee, and a former professor of Linguistics at IOWA State University, and CIEFL, Hyderabad. His career as a writer began in the 1960s when he wrote the collection of poems ‘Mukhavaa Dagalu’ (Masks, 1968) in the Navya style – the modernist school of writing in Kannada literature. His ‘Mahaprasthana’ (1990) was said to be the result of his exploration of ways of transcending the constraints of modernism. It dealt with the theme of disillusionment after victory – with the mythological heavenward journey of the Pandavas as the setting.

The audience had a good interaction with the speaker – and discussed the relevance of ‘literature and criticism’ in the present-day context. The revered writer encouraged the students to think independently and develop their critical abilities through voracious reading.