Nurturing Open Source—The LUG Install Fest

Linux Users’ Group, the first and most established open-source community of Manipal, organised an install fest on 25th and 26th November 2021, at Academic Block-3. The first offline event conducted by LUG since the pandemic was attended by around thirty students enthusiastic about getting started with Linux, from various branches. The participants were taught how to dual boot their computers and were introduced to the command line interface.

The event began with a presentation by Nithin Chowdary, student coordinator and one of the core-committee members of LUG, showing how Linux differs from other operating systems in a multitude of ways. He explained how Linux, being an open-source software, doesn’t have any copyright and can be developed by people all around the world, making it a community-based operating system. While we usually remain clueless about the functions happening behind the scenes in Windows or MacOS, Linux operating systems are much less likely to be hiding back-doors for their users. “In Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems, you don’t know what they’re doing with your data. Open-sourced OSes are more secure; it maintains privacy,” said Nithin, highlighting the security offered by Linux. He also explained about Unix, first developed in the 1960s, which is the parent OS of all the operating systems currently in use, including Linux.

Students installing Ubuntu on their computers.

Explaining about how students should be familiar with software and standards of expert developers around the world, Mr. Ashwath Rao B., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Faculty Advisor of LUG said, “Exposure to Linux is very essential for budding programmers. LUG community that is open to all curious minds, LUG is a place where anyone can come to learn”. Adding on to the kind of events LUG conducts, he said, “LUG conducts workshops on Linux shell commands, GitHub, bash shell level commands, and Python, to name a few, and mentors its members for internships with Google Summer of Code (GSOC)”.

Following the enlightening presentation, the participants were guided on the dual booting process by the core-committee members of LUG, who went around the room assisting and explaining the procedure to the students. After everyone had successfully dual booted and installed Ubuntu on their computers, they were taught basic commands to kick start their journey with Linux. The first of many to come, the event was a huge success as a number of students successfully dual booted their computers and entered the world of terminal, command lines and Open Source technologies.

Featured Image Credits: Linux Users’ Group, Manipal