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Let The Battle Begin!

Code Wars has always been one of the most anticipated events of TechTatva, and this year the Cryptoss team has outdone themselves, with a major makeover of the event. It was a direct reflection of how competitive one’s programming skills could get. Round one was a screening test which used MCQ’s to find the best coding duos out there.

P.C. Harsh Kumar Singh

P.C. Harsh Kumar Singh

The war consisted of six teams and six battles, each of twenty minutes. The teams had to race against the clock as they tried to solve the programming based problems assigned by a computer. Something new that really added to the warfare was the ability to attack other teams.
Every team had to finish their main task to earn a hundred points, if accomplished within fifteen minutes a game changing weapon would come to their arsenal. The bonus question could be targeted onto any of the teams, and if they failed to solve it within the stipulated time, they faced a fatality of twenty five points; the assailing team on the other hand had another fifty points for grabs if they were able to solve the bonus question before their victim could.
With the scoreboard on the projector screen, one could see the tactical play of the troops trying to bring down the strongest team and hoping to win the battle and ultimately, the war. Such dynamic events are always loved because of how unpredictable they are. The event head Nimish Singhal stated the key to winning Code Wars was to, ‘Code fast. Code right.’

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