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Online Photography Rhea Dsouza

Lensation conducted Online Photography on all four days of Revels. Each of the ten keen participants was required to submit their best pictures in adherence to a specific theme of the day. The themes were ‘Black and White’, Landscape’, ‘Wildlife’, and ‘Architecture and Silhouette’. Contestants were required to send their photographs to a link for the judges to scrutinise.

The top three chosen pictures were uploaded on the official Revels’22 Facebook page. The leading three photographers were also awarded prize money. Despite being a virtual event, Online Photography brought several avid photography enthusiasts together, giving them a pleasant space to compete and participate—it was an absolute success.

24 Hour Illustration Challenge Samyuktha Nandieni

All those who participated in the 24 Hours Illustration Challenge found out just how quickly 24 hours can pass. A platform for budding artists to showcase their prowess, this event fostered the participants’ passion for digital art. The objective was for the participants to redesign a poster of their choice within 24 hours. The event put the contestants’ creativity and speed to the test.

As anticipated, all the competitors pulled through with some exceptionally inspired recreations. “It was genuinely amazing to see how the artists came up with such amazing recreations in such a limited time. We were amazed by their creativity!” said Event Head Ritam Rao. The event saw participants putting all their talent and ingenuity to good use and was a smashing hit.

Photo Exhibit Advika Priyabhashini

An assorted menagerie of extraordinary, creative, and uncharted photographs was flaunted in the Photo Exhibit across the four days of Revels. The massive Roman colosseum-like structure of the Student Plaza gave it an almost museum-like effect. The judges selected 10-15 photos out of numerous entries from thirty participants to be featured each day. The photos encompassed various genres, including sunsets, portraits, landscapes, fine art, wildlife, and astrophotography. The play of light, frames, composition, and tones of these photographs was awe-inspiring. The exhibition was open all day for all those who wished to admire the work of these young photographers.

 “I felt very happy and proud to have my picture up there because anyone passing through SP would see this. It was my work up there, so yeah, happy and proud”, remarked Tanmay Sinha, a participant of the event whose work got featured in the exhibit. An excellent event put together by the Lensation committee, which boosted the morale of the participants and encouraged other bystanders to rekindle their creativity and set sail on their journey of photographic exploration.

Manipal Through My Eyes Advika Priyabhashini

A unique event of Lensation, Manipal Through My Eyes, provided a platform for young photographers to showcase their creativity and gave the freshers a photographic arsenal of the places to visit. This event required photographers to submit images of Manipal from their perspective. The Core Committee were in charge of choosing the top five photographs, which also went up on the official Facebook page of Revels MIT.

The event offered a fresh challenge as it was more about vision and creativity than just testing routine photography skills. Having reminded everyone of all the immense beauty that Manipal has to offer, this event was a splendid success.

Let’s B-Roll Janvi Dhanani

Let’s B-Roll by Lensation was all about secondary or supplemental footage, or B-Roll as it is called. B-Roll is often used to provide support and more visual context to the central A-Roll. The objective here was for the participants to create a thirty-second video to depict their impressions of Revels.

Some participants requested an extension of the deadlines as they could not send in their entries on time. Unfortunately, the Core Committee could not entertain this. Despite these minor snags and less participation, Let’s B-Roll proceeded as planned and saw the participants come up with some sensational videos to illustrate their Revels experience.

Portfolio Photography | Prakhar Choudhary

Portfolio Photography was a fantastic opportunity for aspiring photographers to showcase their talents in highlighting models and products. It was a team-based event, with each team consisting of one photographer and one model. The first round of the event started on the third day of Revels. The photographers had to shoot professional portfolios for the models around a particular aesthetic theme. Ten people registered for the event, with a few participants from the MIT Bangalore campus.

Four teams with the best entries advanced to the next round, held on the last day of Revels. In this round, the teams had to shoot product portfolios. They picked out chits with the names of the products that they had to shoot. They had ninety minutes to shoot, edit and submit their photograph. They could use various pieces of equipment like fairy lights and black charts to enhance their pictures.

Despite the time crunch, the teams participating were able to produce some great shots. The teams were judged and rated on their images’ aesthetic and technical quality. Portfolio Photography proved to be one of the flagship events of Lensation, with the photographers turning in creative submissions in both rounds, despite the low participation.

Hyperlapse | Prakhar Choudhary

Hyperlapse was conducted as part of Lensation in Revels ’22. It was a single-round event where participants had to capture the essence of the festival through their videography. Hyperlapse or moving time-lapse is a technique in time-lapse photography for creating motion shots. The participants had to utilise this technique in innovative ways to portray the frenzy around the campus during Revels.

Fourteen people registered for the event and had one day to shoot and upload their creative submissions. Hyperlapse, being an online round, did not get significant attention. However, the photographers came up with some remarkable motion shots, precisely capturing the spirit of Revels ’22 with their artistic endeavours.

Metaverse Through Graphics Janvi Dhanani

One of Lensation’s debut events, Metaverse Through Graphics, gave the contestants a chance to let their creative juices flow. The objective of this event was to design an illustration to depict their brilliant versions of the Metaverse.

“Being a CC was a wonderful experience though exhausting at times. Even on days that we felt extremely tired after a full day of college, we pulled through and showed up to work knowing that this was our last Revels. The whole experience was very rewarding, and I loved working with my co-CCs to make our event a success.”, said Sharvani Sinha, a Core-Committee member of the category. From digital teleportation to quirky avatars, the enthusiastic participants let their imaginations run amok and produced fabulous results, making this event an absolute success.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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