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Portfolio Photography Devangshi Debraj

Portfolio Photography was a uniquely designed event that spanned all four days of Revels ’20. With one model and up to two photographers per team, the entire campus was their studio allowing participants to showcase their talents in model-photography. “We received quite an enthusiastic response this year. Over 15 teams registered themselves”, remarked Shreyas Poojary, the event head.

For the first round, participants were given free rein over the pictures they could take and submit. Floral themes abounded, and one team’s submission starred the model in an outfit made of newspaper. Another team turned in a rather eye-catching entry, recreating a famous painting in the form of photography. The creativity, originality, and aesthetics of the portfolios determined which team would qualify to the second round.

The teams that qualified, had to portray their models within the given theme‘psychedelic’. Face painting and motion blur were among the many effective tools used to showcase their talents. This well-organised event allowed those interested to explore a niche within the vast field of photography. From defying the boundaries of creativity to looking at the lens through a different angle, participants truly pushed their buttons with the hopes of achieving their ideal image.

Product Photography | Dhrubo Chattoraj

Organised by The Photography Club, Manipal, Product Photography allowed photographers to challenge themselves with unusual themes while testing their photography skills in the field of advertisement. Held on two separate days of Revels’20, the event saw an array of participants experiment with different photography techniques to attain picture perfection.

Held on 4th March, round one saw eight teams consisting of two members each tackle the theme ‘Speakers’. Submissions had to be done online through the Google Drive platform. The second round held on 6th March had the five best teams compete in a spot round on the theme ‘Nail Polish’. Participants had twenty minutes to get their best shots after which thirty minutes were allotted for post-processing—the only application permitted for the same was Adobe After Effects. Participants used their creativity and minimalism to achieve their shots. One team used black chart paper to create a background that provided them with maximum exposure. Another experimented with different types of lighting.

“The event was successful according to me. The quality of images was more than what I had expected also the number of participants was more or less according to what I thought would be”, replied Raaghav Agarwal, the Event Head. The event ran smoothly with close to no hiccups. Volunteers from different committees behaved in a professional manner which amplified the experience of the event. Overall, it was a well thought of and successful event that managed to keep participants challenged.

Photo Exhibit | Snigdha

Held to increase the visibility of rising photographers, Photo Exhibit had participants submit their best pictures with the hopes of making it to the Innovation Centre notice boards. A fair turnout of participants showcased their work. Most images captured moments of nature—a sunset behind mountainous regions, and a vivid blend of the sky after sunset at a beach. Candid snaps did not seem far off the list—an image of friends enjoying on a beach also made it to the boards.

“There were some breathtaking entries and the overall response was better than what we expected. It was a pain sorting all the entries because most of them were extremely good, but in the end, we loved the response we got”, responded Anshul Somani, an organizer of the event. An event held to bring lone wolves to the limelight, personal images were collected at the end of each day for participants to keep. While the event was scheduled to run during all four days of Revels’20, issues with the setup and the inability of the notice board to remain upright forced the event to run for two of the four days. Despite the shortcomings, Photo Exhibit met the goals it set out to achieve.

Image Credits: Organisers of Lensation

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