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Quizzing Through the Ages—LDQ’s Harry Potter Quiz

LDQ’s Harry Potter quiz, held on 17th March, attracted a substantial crowd on the bright Sunday morning. People registered in large numbers to participate in this quiz and prove that their love of the series outshines the others. The crowd included a mix of seasoned quizzers and some who were simply Harry Potter fans quizzing for the first time.

The quiz kicked-started with the prelims—comprised of twenty questions, including star marked questions to help with tiebreakers. As the prelims progressed it became evident that just reading the books and watching the movies could prove insufficient to win this quiz considering how trivia from Pottermore and JKR’s twitter also made its way into the questions. Overall, the general consensus was that the questions were workable and not particularly trivia-heavy. While a few teams cruised through the Prelims with high scores, the others struggled tremendously as their knowledge of the series left much to desire. After a hard-fought prelim, eight teams made their way to contest the finals.

The finals comprised of four different rounds which included long connects and direct questions among others. All questions were designed so as to elevate the difficulty level of the final round. One of the rounds, going by the name ‘Umm, actually,’ was tailor-made for those who thought they knew the books quote for quote. An extract hunted out from one of the books would be displayed with errors, and participants had to correct this extract word-to-word. Having never seen such a round before, all the teams were completely engrossed as they tried to answer the difficult questions. This ingenious round proved to be too much for some teams with only a few managing to hit the nail on the head. The difficulty of some of the questions in the quiz, however, proved to be a source of entertainment for everyone as teams unable to answer resorted to giving humorous answers instead of the right ones.

The quiz left some participants with a sense of confidence and satisfaction that their connection to the magical world was as strong as ever. For some others, it set in a sense of nostalgia giving them an excuse to delve into the world of Harry Potter once again. Overall, the quiz was enjoyed by all who attended and presented a welcome break from the hectic college schedule. “It brought back childhood nostalgia on a lazy Saturday afternoon,” said Utkarsh Sinha, a participant of the event. The quiz was a cherished trip down memory lane for everyone and proved that the evergreen series is still relevant and alive in people’s hearts today.

Image Credits: The Literary, Debate, and Quiz Club, MIT Manipal