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Fields of Silicone—Lakshya’s Agritech Seminar

A small drone transmitting pictures of crops which could be used to see exactly what parts of a plant are struggling with disease− this and many other such game-changing advancements in agriculture were on the agenda at the seminar on ‘Technology in Agriculture and the Opportunities It Presents’ organized by Lakshya, the up and coming agriculture club of MIT.

The thirst for knowledge still intact after the blight that were sessionals, students turned up in high numbers for the seminar which took place on 12 February, 2018 at NLH 203. Giving the talk was Dr. Natraj B V, the Chief Managing Director of Dairymate and a member of the NASSCOM committee on Agritech.

Dr. Natraj started his talk by giving a brief overview on the various technological advancements which have been sweeping the agro-industry and adding value to the entire farm-to-fork supply chain, like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, et al. He then went on to elaborate upon the topic by picking up specific innovations such as the outfitting of soil with sensors to ensure real-time monitoring of soil moisture content and the use of precision technologies to pinpoint the locations of all vehicles on the field along with their fuel levels. The talk ended with a Q&A session which saw enthusiastic participation from the crowd- many of whom seemed to share the common concern that this embracement of technology might turn out to be the agricultural industry’s bane.

A call to the students to appear for their recruitment, followed by a presentation on Lakshya, its motivations as a club and the direction they see themselves pursuing in the future brought the curtains down on the event.

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