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A Kaleidoscope of Tales – ADA’s Pagla Ghoda

“All the world’s a stage”
– William Shakespeare ( As You Like It )

ADA Dramatics embodied this quote quite literally as they brought worldly issues and contemporary situations to the stage in the form of a beautifully crafted play, ‘Pagla Ghoda’, that reeked of lost love and everything that comes with it. The onset experienced a slight delay but once the show commenced, it had the audience captivated. Director Sameer Tyagi’s, rendition of this age old story was not only thoroughly interesting but also delicately contrived.


The first half was off to a slow start but picked up speed rather quickly. The scene opened with four men at a crematorium, adequately intoxicated to appreciate the darker sides of their lives. The remarkably haunting female lead was seen as an apparition in various small segments. She represented the ghost of the girl being cremated, who was constantly urging the men to bare their hearts to the crowd. The conversation began with casual chatter which transcended into the men speaking about love and the women in each of their lives.

As the night progressed, the mystery of the young girl’s death was revealed in parts. The characters went into short periods of individual contemplation which added to the human element of the play. Opening the second half of the play, the apparition of the girl walked down the aisle, right through the audience, expressing her rage and grief over what became of the three women in the story. Following that, the narrative returned to the four men as they went about completing their stories. Terrific flashback scenes, laced with intense emotion, were woven into the play. From start to finish, the play had the audience absolutely enthralled.


The play encapsulated the essence of true love, its variations, and sacrifices made in the name of it. It tickled the urban intellect and caused the onlookers to take a peek within their own consciences. Guilt, regret, and remorse were marvelously highlighted by the amazingly sublime actors who more than succeeded in expressing the complexity of the characters. The lighting and sound crew deserves a special mention for their immaculate timing and execution, making the whole experience even more riveting. The play saw a great turnout despite the currency problems and great response which was well deserved to say the least.