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Relay Art

Samyuktha Nandineni | Staff Writer

Relay Art proved to be a challenging event, even for seasoned artists. Taking place on Day 1 of Revels, the event tested the participants’ teamwork and on-the-spot thinking. The theme remained undisclosed until the onset of the event. Contestants took part in teams of two with each member drawing for 30 mins, one after the other. However, there was one more twist to the challenge—The second artist is not informed of the theme prior to their turn. 

The participants’ strategy was vital in this event. The first batch of contestants did their best to convey the theme via their drawing, and the second attempted to complete the sketch without straying too far from the topic. The event filled the rooms of NLH with colourful excitement. It awakened the artists’ imagination and drove them to make full use of their every skill.


Siya Kothari I Staff Writer

One thing that ties together the ever-changing world and the past is art. Kalakriti’s Chitrankan was an event where people expressed their ideas and perceptions through traditional artforms like Warli, Mandalas, Madhubani, etc.

Commenting on the online nature of the event, Jas, one of the organisers, said, “The event went quite alright. It was an online event, so I didn’t see it in person. It made me realise that putting together online events is quite hard, especially art events.”

The winner of this event, Sharanya, drew a mandala art piece. “Painting and creating artworks are my leisure time hobbies. So winning the competition was an add on to one of my achievements and further motivation in the same field! It would’ve been better if it was offline, but it was quite good.”, she said, recalling her experience. 

During the lockdown, several people turned to art for comfort. This event paid tribute to the lockdown hours spent by artists, honing their skills.

Album Art

Arnav Choudhary I Staff Writer

With the prolific participation in the many events arranged under the Kalakriti category, Album Art was one of the best events. It was highly anticipated, and the precedent environment was full of glee and ambiguity. Having six participants to contend in the contest, it revolved around various forms of music.

A non-copyrighted piece of music was given to each participant, and they were expected to listen to the music and successively design an album cover for what they deciphered from the particular piece of music. Each and every participant zealously worked toward interpreting and portraying the gist and the most legible meaning of the music assigned to them in art. The time limit for the competition was an hour, with a few additional minutes as a grace period owing to the submissions.

All the submissions were just significantly aesthetic beyond the excellent barrier, but two exceptional album artworks were tantamount to perfection, and these two submissions eventually went on to win the contest. This event bought out the artist’s creativity and interpretative brains to work and will do even more so the following year.

Doodle Art

Saranya Roy I Staff Writer

Doodles are everywhere, from old mossy walls to brand new pairs of Air Jordans. For all those who loved cool ‘Pinterest’ vibes, the Doodle Art event under Kalakriti was just their cup of tea. Though it was an online event, the participants kept up the excitement with their lively and one-of-a-kind doodles.

While the theme was ‘adulting’, the CCs chose a very aesthetic word, ‘Meraki’ as the item to be doodled. It was planned to be a one-hour event, leaving the participants 10 minutes for submission. Each and every submission was edgy and original. However, the winner grabbed the attention with a fresh, raw and creative piece.

The CCs expected a larger turn-up, owing to the uniqueness of the event. Alas, due to clashes with other events, it wasn’t as big a list. The CCs and organisers are hopeful that the following year will witness more doodle enthusiasts getting to show off their skills.

Battle of Palettes

Harshith Prasoon | Staff Writer

The Battle of Palettes, held on the first and third day of revels, was an old school painting competition presented as the main flagship event under Kalakriti. Solely dedicated to art, the event consisted of three rounds, which tested the participants’ abilities in various aspects of painting.

The first round’s theme was red, and the participants were given 30 minutes to work on an art piece based on this colour. The next round had no specific motif as such—It tested the participants’ spontaneity and creativity.

The theme of the final round was ‘Illusion’. Here, participants were expected to use their imagination and express the theme through their painting, following which they had to explain their work to the judge.

One of the CCs summed up the entire event perfectly in a few words saying, “When you think of Kalakriti, you think of art. With art the thought that people get is about painting, drawing, sketching and anything that is done on a sheet of paper. So, we wanted to do an event that tested contestants on different aspects of painting. For anybody really into art and painting, this competition actually made them think and explore.”

Overall, it was a well-managed event that saw some fantastic talents exhibiting their artistic prowess.


Sagarika Seshagiri I Staff Writer

Kalakriti’s Satrangi was a Rangoli competition for the colourfully inclined. Held on Day 2 of Revels, contestants embellished the ground in front of FC-1. The participants were presented with the topic of Rebirth, a time limit, and a defined portion of the ground to use as their canvas. Working in teams of 1-3 members, the event drew the attention of passersby. Having taken place on the ethnic day of Revels, the festive mood of the event was invigorated. 

“The event was beautiful as the weather was good that day. There were some issues with colours but eventually, things were managed”, said one of the organisers of the event. The two judges present were impressed by the use of leaves and flowers by the winning team, as well as the scale of the event.


Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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