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Journey to Eureka—TEDx MAHE 2022

The doors of the MCH hall swung wide open to welcome the seekers and pioneers of wisdom attending the sixth edition of TEDxMAHE – Journey to Eureka on 3rd April 2022.

The Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, Dr HS Ballal, was the chief guest of the event. The very first speaker was the director of Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology. The spearhead of nephrology in Manipal, Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, drew stark contrasts between Archimedes and his own life. He recalled the experience of the pulsating hospital room after the first kidney transplant in Manipal and compared it to those that he had performed in the USA. He concluded by saying that his journey to eureka is not encapsulated in a single moment, but in each nephrologist added to the field.

The following speaker, Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya, an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu, believed in paving one’s own path. She appeared on her mother’s cooking show at the age of 8, and today, she’s BBC India’s pastry chef of the year. She emphasised the importance of following one’s passion, and always knowing the crux of one’s pursuits. Above all, according to her, gratitude is the best ingredient for success.

Zealous and vibrant, Nikkiey Chawla, India’s first transgender model had a showstopping entrance thanks to her acting skills. She talked of the problems that trans-youth face pertaining to acceptance and reverence. Her parents’ support was a major motivator, and her perseverance has led to new avenues for the LGBTQ community in the beauty and entertainment industry. Miss Chawla believes in good deeds and karma as driving forces in life.

The fourth speaker, Mr. Vijay Varada, CEO and founder of Fractal Works, started off his talk with a picture of a capuchin monkey. It led to some insightful details of an experiment about opportunism and gambling amongst humans. He recounted the story of his office burning down and how that proved to be a turning point for his company, which was formerly a student project, now manufacturing factory equipment. This incident made him robust in his work ethic and reminded him of the irrationality of his fears.

All the distinguished speakers enraptured the audience with their interesting stories. [Image Credits: The MIT Post]

What followed was a segment called “social spaces’ wherein refreshments were served, and fun activities were arranged for the audience. It also gave the audience and the speakers a chance to interact with each other.

Performer and Ph.D. scholar at the Manipal Centre of Humanities, Srijan Deshpande, was the fifth speaker of the event. He believes in not restricting oneself to a particular niche. He enjoys familiarising Hindustani music at universities and completely engaged the audience during his talk by making the audience clap to the beat and sing. He used this as an example to show unexplored potential and comfort in uncertainty and drew lots of parallels between music and humanity.

The final speaker, IIT Kharagpur, and Harvard Business School graduate Sneha Biswas, stressed the importance of confidence and education beyond books, with the mantra “Confidence cannot be taught in a classroom.” She further expressed gratitude towards her mother’s encouragement when it came to learning new things and sending her to competitions at a young age. This was also the founding principle of Early Steps Academy, of which Sneha is the CEO. Her business savvy and bold personality engaged the audience and are testaments to her success.

The event was a huge success, as attested by the terrific atmosphere and amazing audience participation.

      Featured Image Credits: The MIT Post

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