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Jashn-e-Azadi—Independence Day Celebration by Goonj


On the 15th of August, Manipal’s Hindi Literary Society, Goonj, hosted it’s annual Independence day celebration. The event began with an introduction, given by hosts Aayush Pandey and Abhinav Sharma. The line up consisted of performers with a wide variety of talents from poetry to dance.

The first performer was Shekhar, who performed a rendition of Vande Mataram. Sankalp, who recited the poem Main Hindustan Hoon, received a huge cheer from the audience with the line “Jo log maa Kali ko bhool gaye wo yaad dilane ko aaya hoon.” He was followed by Kushagra, who stirred the crowd up with his rousing poem focused on women empowerment.

Following the poetry was a speech by the Director of General Services, M.A.H.E., Colonel Prakash Chandra. He showed his appreciation for today’s youth and their care for the nation, comparing them with previous generations. After the poetry, came a melodious performance by Chords and Co. They mixed it up with popular Bollywood songs like Ae Watan and classics such as Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera.

Vansh Tiwari then came up to recite a poem on phansi ka phanda (Hangman’s rope). A power-packed performance by Showstoppers raised the energy of the crowd. They set the stage on fire with their performance, which encompassed a mixture of Bhangra, classical,  and contemporary dance. Uddesh then came up to recite a poem on Kashmir and Article 370. A group from Mafia performed after this segment. They showcased an acoustic version of Rang De Basanti and staged a rendition of Vande Mataram.

The Director of MIT, Dr Srikanth Rao, was then called upon to give a short speech. He remarked, “Many faces known and unknown have been sacrificed for our country. There has been a lot of progress made over the many decades of our freedom. We are poised for growth and have such a strong economy, and we are all looking to be a part of that growth.”

The programme ended with Goonj’s board transfer. The outgoing president, Rahul Singh, gave a heartfelt speech about his time in Goonj. He spoke about his time in the club and his fellow board members. The new President of Goonj, Divyansh Mishra, said, “I feel elated about my position on the board. I had a hunch about this beforehand. As far as the new board is concerned, these are the people I’ve grown with, in Manipal, and I’m looking forward to working with them.” Ultimately the event was a success and a perfect ode to the 73rd Independence Day of India.

Images by: Goonj

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