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Jashn-e-Azaadi—Goonj’s Independence Day Celebrations


Jashn-e-Azaadi was organized by Goonj, the Hindi Literary club of MIT, in celebration of our nation’s 72nd Independence Day. The patriotic fervour was evident amongst the crowd as many of them were dressed in an ethnic attire and chanted along to slogans praising India. The event began with the host, Saubhagya Chandana welcoming the audience and reciting a few verses on the brave men who sacrificed their lives for our country’s freedom.  One of his verses included a mention of the sorrow that mothers face when they lose their sons to war. He narrated how Guru Gobind Singh told those women that even though they had lost their own children, the sacrifice made by them would keep thousands of other children in the country safe.

Kartikeya Chaurasia, a second-year student from MIT shared his opinions on corrupt ministers in the form of an impactful poem. He highlighted the fact that even though our country is free, our soldiers silently risk their lives each day whereas ministers claim it to be their hard work that ensures the nation’s safety.

Following this was a presentation that commemorated freedom fighters who didn’t think twice before putting their lives into jeopardy for the nation. Singers and instrumentalists from Mafia performed beautiful renditions of popular patriotic songs and the audience sang along.

Brave, young men of our country safeguard our borders for the security of every citizen of the country. None of us come close to understanding the ordeals that their families undergo while constantly battling the fear of losing their loved ones. Chetan Sharma recited a few verses about a child who lost his father to the war and what freedom for the country meant to him now. His words made the audience experience the sense of grief and the price that many innocent children pay when they lose their fathers to conflicts that could’ve been resolved amongst countries without the need for wars.

The poets took a short break as The Showstoppers dance crew got on stage for an incredibly expressive dance performance. The first part of their dance represented the true patriotism and enthusiasm that army men possess towards the country. This was followed by a rage-driven form of dance that symbolized a war during which they lost a soldier. The last part of their performance was sorrowful as they depicted a mother mourning over the loss of her son. The audience applauded loudly and gave them a standing ovation.

Vansh Tiwari took on a different start to his poem by reciting a few lines on freedom written by Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil. He then continued to redefine the freedom that the current generation experiences. He also recited a poem about India’s victory during the recent surgical strikes.

Uncountable heroes of our nation go unsung about. To honour them, Nishit Singh Chauhan chose three of these brave souls whose contributions to our country have inspired him tremendously. He talked about the achievements and willpower of Major Sudhir Kumar Walia, Captain Pawan Kumar, and Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who sacrificed their lives in Kargil war, Kashmir war, and the 26/11 attacks respectively. Their tales of unwavering courage reverberated through the hearts of each of the audience members. He concluded their stories by saying that even though there are many people who would be willing to risk their lives for the country, India shouldn’t get used to this sacrifice so that wars can be avoided. He requested the audience to not contain their patriotism to a single day instead keep it alive in their hearts every day. The members of Goonj thanked their faculty advisor Dr Fasiullah for his immense support and Dr Praveen Shetty, the Assistant Director for Student Welfare, for gracing the event with his presence.

Photo credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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