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It’s a Deal—The Business Quiz by ESoM

The Business Quiz by ESoM was an event designed to test the contestants’ quizzing skills and business knowledge. The quiz took place on November 3rd, 2018, at NLH and had quite a few participants. The quizmasters were Layana Trevedy, a 2nd-year EEE student and ESoM managing committee member Joshua Solomon, a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student and President of MAHE Toastmasters.

 “I was expecting the turnout to be a little better. But this is the first time in 2 years that we’re hosting this event. Back then, not many people knew about ESoM, so the turnout is far better than last time”, said Rajat Maheshwari, a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student and ESoM board member. “Business is relevant to every sector, so the point of this quiz is to highlight the importance of business in our lives”, he added.

The quiz was a team event where contestants were grouped in teams of two. The event began with a written round, and the top six teams advanced to the main quiz. The first round of the quiz was called ‘Scattegories’ and required each team to answer a question from a category of their choice. The next round was the ‘Rapid-fire’ round, where each team had to answer ten questions in 75 seconds. The last round was the ‘Bidding’ round, where the teams had to bid points on the questions that they wanted to answer. The bidding round had a rather complex set of rules, and the contestants took a while to comprehend it fully.  “There were too many trivia questions in the written round, which was unlike other college quizzes I’ve attended. The quality of questions did improve in the subsequent rounds though”, said Kunal Rai, a participant.

The winners of the quiz were Achintya Sharma, a 3rd-year IT student, and Rohith Sathish Nair, a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student while Kunal Rai and Nishant Mangal Kashyap, both 2nd-year ECE students came in second.

The energy levels remained high throughout the quiz, with some participants giving funny answers to questions they couldn’t correctly answer. The ESoM Business Quiz was a quirky, yet informative and entertaining, event. Achintya and Rohith, the winners of the quiz, aptly summarised the experience when they said, “The format of the quiz was not like any quiz we’ve been to before, but the organisers have done an excellent job of conducting it”.

Image Credits: Rishabh Kant for The Photography Club, Manipal