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Decrypting the Secret of Ethical Hacking

In this modern age, often referred to as the Age of Information, every one of us is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Therefore, being aware of basic cyber security measures is the order of the day and, as a result, many companies have been employing ethical hackers. An ethical hacker is a person who hacks into the company’s database, with prior permission, to find any weaknesses or loopholes in the company, and reports them. The company then fixes these errors to prevent a breach of security. Conforming to this theme, ISTE conducted a two-day, 12-hour long workshop on ‘Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security’ in collaboration with Azure Skynet and ELAN-IIT Hyderabad.

The instructor for this workshop was Manish Bhardwaj, a cyber security expert and ethical hacker, who works for Azure Skynet. He started the workshop with an interactive session involving the participants, using comical and relatable examples to explain many basic technical terms that a hacker uses, and then taught them how to hack into a Wi-Fi Network as an introduction to hacking.

On the second day, participants were taught about numerous kinds of malware such as viruses, trojans, worms, ransomware, and spyware, and how to counter them effectively. Furthermore, he taught them how to create their own viruses, and how to use remote access tools. Throughout the workshop, Mr. Manish was able to devote individual attention to every participant whenever they required assistance.

This workshop was conducted as a build-up to the national event, ‘Brain-Tech Network and Cyber Security Championship’, for which MIT has been officially recognized as a zonal centre. At the end of the workshop, a test was conducted to determine the winners who would then participate in the national round. The prize for the national round is a scholarship worth 1 lakh rupees, sponsored by Azure Skynet and ELAN-IIT Hyderabad. Besides this, all participants got a participation certificate from the organizers. The workshop, while imparting valuable information about cyber security, also showed the power that a hacker wields at his fingertips, thus highlighting the importance and need of ethical hackers.