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Netflix and No Chill | Siya Kothari

Netflix and No Chill was an event for those who spent their quarantine binge-watching the Netflix library. This event was held in AB-5 from 14th April 2022 to 16th April 2022. People participated in teams of two to solve some of the riddles and play games. On the first day, the participants were presented with a pen-and-paper quiz based on some of the most popular Netflix series, which tested just how much they knew about the various characters and nuances. The shows included Peaky Blinders, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office, Squid Game, and Suits, and every round featured these very shows.

The second day was even more convivial, with games like Pictionary, character roleplay, Taboo, dumb charades, passing balloons while answering trivia, and more.

An intense treasure hunt marked the conclusion of the event on the third day, which saw the teams run around frantically, following clue cards which they had to decipher beforehand and perform tasks accordingly. “The multiple games were as challenging as they were fun. They required a good deal of teamwork and synergy which only added to the difficulty while making it a unique experience,” said Arnaav Anand, a member of the winning team. In a frenzied rush to prove themselves the biggest cinephile of all, the participants had an absolute blast in this one-of-a-kind event.

Jeopardy | Siya Kothari

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity. Jeopardy was organised from 13 April 2022 to 15 April 2022 in AB-5. People participated in teams of two to delve into the psyche of criminals. The first day saw participants racking their brains to solve a quiz amply packed with riddles, both crime-related and logical.

On the second day, games like bomb-defusing, crime scene emulation, signature forgery, and cryptography kept the participants on their toes as they tried to get inside the head of criminals and win the games. Teams who cleared the heated second round moved on to the third and final day comprising games like Where’s Waldo?, Wordle, an emulation of the reality show Jeopardy, a card memory game, and trivia.

“The event was really fun. I had no expectations of ever making it to the top, but we still did our best and enjoyed a lot in the process,” said Arushi Gandhi, one of the winners of this event. One of the most intriguing events, Jeopardy was a huge success as the participants dived into the world of crime.

Between The Pages | Anoushka Nag

Between The Pages was a unique event in which the participants had the opportunity to relive their favourite moments from a plethora of famous novels through interesting games. The event attracted a fair amount of interest amongst the students. The participants formed teams of two.

There were three rounds, the first being that of a literary quiz based on five different book series, in which sixteen teams participated. Four teams qualified for Round 2 called ‘Find The Imposter’—a game in which all teams except one assumed the role of one of the characters at a particular location from the books while the remaining team was the imposter who had to figure out the location. Only three teams made it to Round 3 where they played six-way chess that ended with one team left standing. The first prize was bagged by Amitash Rao and Uday Anurag, while Yash Laddha and Shaun Santosh were placed second.

The event was a congregation of literary enthusiasts. Each team was applauded and cheered on by their supporters. The ambience was lively and energetic. It was heartening to watch that in this age of modern technology and instant gratification, books continue to hold a special place in the minds of the present generation. As one member of the audience even stated, “This event presented an opportunity for us to revisit the books we had read and rekindled the passion of book-reading amongst the students.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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