An Intriguing Insight—Palace of the Mind by Ada Dramatics

ADA Dramatics, MIT Manipal’s socio-theatrical society released a new online production, Palace of the Mind, a gripping insight into a man’s ‘mind palace’. It was released on their official Instagram page on 11th December, 2020.

Palace of the Mind narrates the story of a man who is frozen in time and is struggling to deal with his past after he loses his memory in a car crash. His doctor tries to revive his memory by entering his ‘mind palace’, thus exploring the fragility of the human mind. As the film progresses, we get exposed to the serenity of the protagonist’s mind palace as the doctor himself gets hypnotized by it. The film, directed by Ishaan Srivastava and Shreyans Jain, with Saksham Verma and Manan Arora as the lead actors, showcases the human mind as an endless void that one could get lost in, as thoughts become perceptions and perceptions become reality.

[Image credits: ADA Dramatics]

It ventures into the exciting territory of mental extraction and bends the rules of typical sci-fi while challenging the concepts of time, reality, and materialism. With a contemporary style, it creates a suspenseful visual delight by portraying the mind’s inner realms through intricate images. “This online production was actually a Dream project, not just for me but also our club because we relied a lot on graphics and VFX. But as an actor, I was pretty confident since our directors supported us throughout the process. I’m delighted with how this film turned out and am looking forward to more experiences like these! “remarked Saksham Verma, who portrays the doctor.

[Image credits: ADA Dramatics]

Shreyans Jain, the writer, director, and editor of the film commented, “As a filmmaker, I try not to limit myself with the circumstances or the materials that I have and focus on pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Directing this film was challenging, but that became the part that was most fun. Being a director, you get to create your own world, and directing this mind-bending project with Ishaan was a delight. As all the elements came together right from our talented actors to the sound design to the visuals, an impossible idea transformed into this special film and my proudest project.”

Aided by a rich background score and commendable cinematography, Palace of the Mind keeps the audience fascinated and captivated throughout. It is undeniably an enthralling watch for all, more so during these dispirited times of the Pandemic.

Featured Image Credits: Ada Dramatics